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Artist: Brother Ali
Album:  Champion EP
Song:   Heads Down (You Haven't Done That Yet)
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The Number One Set and Sound (Word, Live)

'You... You... Only You'

In about four bars a married man will begin to speak

M-m-m-m-m-m-many have claimed, to obtain, levels of boning
But when I meet their women I'm like, "They must be joking?"
They stroking, but after ten minutes you begin gizzing
Bend her down, flip her 'round, find a way to switch position
Changing, rearranging, let her seduce ya
Don't try to rush the panties cause you'll always be the loser
And laughed at, hated on, you can't perform
With those that control they tongue, on and on and on
Let's get specific, my frame crescent thicken, you're sexually uplifted
With the freak in you, don't act the way these cats do
Way I maneuver, Kama Sutra give me a statute
So now I ask you, and tell you brothers literally
When it comes to hooking up with these ladies y'all ain't better than me
Down with RNC, endlessly reciting poetry
Anytime I'm in the bed my wife is there exploring me
Then I "No!" I'm not ready to share my game plan
Many say they're free, but this style, they haven't attained yet


Renege you, son, bumping through dunn, don't you know its your biology to cum
What separates the men from boys, masturbation from love making
Is making your women really humm
cause by the time you finally get her open she get done
and rock the body, then UP you gotta run
see only a sucka pull a move like that
then wonder why your women getting hers behind your back
Select the right time and place
Put it in her face, and taste creation of the human race
Its all about the physical built up you created
Your time wit it kid, and let her escalade
Then while you'll STICK!, she'll GRIND!
Don't touch youself, she's out of time, here's another rhyme