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Artist: Brother Ali f/ Nikki Jean
Album:  The Bite Marked Heart
Song:   Shine On
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[Hook x2: Nikki Jean]
Don't pay me no mind, baby
Shine shine shine 
Don't pay me no mind, sugar
Shine shine shine 

[Verse 1: Brother Ali]
I had seen you when the hosted seated you
In a station of mine still I'm taking my time
Made sure the moment got seized, made up my mind
Through a napkin over my sleeve, straightened my tie
Mind if I behold you through the fold of your menu
Couture, all up against you, oh lord
How could I convince you? I just met you
And I'm instantly listening to your instrumental
Poor me, I poured water inside your glass
For a brief moment our eyes had kind of met
I confess, I felt that inside my chest
Almost made quite a mess yet I digress
I would guess you're meeting a date here
I offer, she order hors d'oeuvres while she wait here
She brushed her bangs to clear off her face, yeah
Parted her lips and turned crab cakes to Shakespeare

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
The way the lady bait a trap, I'm afraid to ask
My imagination act, I run away with that
Run away with me, I swear I'm not a maniac
I'll give you that pretty diamond ring and last name to match
I ain't saying that, I practiced waiting in the back
I know I better make it fast before her date get back
Yeah, I place her order, grabbed the plate, relaxed
Here, let me fix my face get my game in tact
Fear, I chased the clock as I can't make it stop
I played the waiter job, made it to the table top
Time to play your cards, ace got to take your shot
Before I could speak he showed up to devastate the plot
Her real server showed up, my plan fell through
"Sir, are y'all together? Ma'am, can I help you?"
She looking puzzled, I stand without words
I'm sorry, I don't really work here - awkward

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Let me explain, you see I ain't much for wait and see
So when I seen you take a seat I played maitre d'
She replied angrily, "Mister, I can't believe 
You'd stand your grown ass in this place and play games with me
Crazy freak, wait, how did you get all that food?"
I ordered from the table around the corner and brought it to you
Can't say I thought it through, ma'am it's all sort of new
But when I saw you I sort of knew I had to talk to you
And nothing in my arsenal seemed possible
So I called an audible, Serve you? I'm honored to
I didn't mean to bother you, I just want to watch a few
Moments of your life much like a fly on a wall would do
Never mind me, the light from your unusually bright shine blinded me
So that was all I could see, [I] understand if you don't want to talk to me
I'll just leave, pardon me, I'll just take this little broken heart and leave
"Wait, that was a stupid thing to do 
But my date didn't show up and my table's set for two"
I pulled on my coat like, aw look at you
That's all I really wanted ma'am enjoy your afternoon
I'm through