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Artist: Brilliant f/ Jamillions
Album:  Everybody Hates Brill
Song:   Never Let Go
Typed by: @R2ro925

[Verse 1]
She layin' on the bed, workin' the lingerie
Tellin' me "daddy come here please I wanna play"
Baby let's do it all day 'til tomorrow
I can make you erupt like Mt. Kilimanjaro
Kissin' on her navel got her ready and enables
Need to get up in her room make her feel like she able
To reach her decimal, satisfaction, it's so everlasting
And baby wanna ride on me with no distractions
I'm speakin' tongue to her body and she speakin' back
I told her she was freaky she asked me to freak it back
I hit the bottom of her map she told me bring it back
Kissin' her lower section givin' her asthma attacks
She told me bring it up to see what I'm workin' with
I started whispering in her ear just to flirt a bit
Started makin' sex faces givin' me the cute ones
I did that first stroke that's when I knew

[Chorus] Jamillions
I just can't wait to get home I'm giving you all this lovin'
So take off all of them clothes baby let me control this session
Just lay your body close to mine I wanna hear you scream out
So let me explore you, let me control you, I'll never let go

[Verse 2]
Sweat startin' to drip, she bitin' on her lips
Tellin' me how she want it just like this
She scratchin' on my back tellin' me to go in deeper
Her legs shakin' and her knees gettin' weaker
And she runnin' out of breath
So I slowed it up and then I started kissin' on her neck
Take it slow and speed it up for a sec
Knockin' the wall, breakin' the legs off the bed
I'm doin' magic how I'm makin' her feel so ecstatic
I'm goin' hard and throwin' all the balnkets off the mattress
She goin' crazy body shakin' like she can't take it
Havin' seizures lookin' at me givin' love faces
I got her twitchin' so right when I hit the spot
Grippin' each other tight something like a mess a lot
And when I hit it good, she goin' to sleep
All night long wettin' up the bed sheets


I must be driving Miss Daisy
Cuz girl you got me going all crazy
From the way that you move them hips
Let me take control, nice and slow
We're making good love in between the sheets
Hot sex on the couch, when you're out you're my closet freak I know
I hear you callin' me
So lay your body down
You give me that old school lovin'
Girl we gon' do more than just touchin'
Take off them clothes and don't rush it
I got whatever you need so baby count on me
So turn the lights off, let your hair down
Put the music on full blast
And you could be the story of my video
And I will never let go