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Artist: Brad Strut f/ Trem
Album:  Legend: Official
Song:   Incite the Premises
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[Brad Strut]
They say God created Man equal
Ha! I fucking highly doubt it

[Verse 1: Brad Strut]
A journey through time in a big driven warp
Toward the street, I was called for speech
patterns I swore to leap
Grabbing the sword that keeps you cracking your neck
Backing the set with immaculate text
I pour soul out to baffle your heads
I never really thought my fall would be captured and kept
Within these walls I incite you to represent cred
Put your hands to the ceiling, spill it out for the dead
The premises is getting proper roudy, I'm known to rock it loudly
I'm back to get my fucking props like you forgot about me
I can take a hundred knocks and still incite it wild
With people going off their face like an excited child
We're here to get you in the zone with the microphonics
I'm pushing home like hydroponics, my mind is sonic
Stoned, bent, blazed, or hazy
We get the premises fired like a crazy lady
No maybe, baby!

[Chorus: Brad Strut]
I got the baddest of speech, savage streak
Reap the benefits, now incite the premises! {X4}

[Verse 2: Trem]
It's pandemonium
Commission's at the helm and 300 plus fan's are jammed in screaming "LC!"
It's just the same in whatever state we pass by
Roudy crowds with fuckers who fight and drink the bar dry
I'm half high off the second hand Krillz smoking
Get dope for shows and I''m still broke with nil yoke
My ill quotes always sicker than a hep fit??
Before I pass the mic I disinfect it with antiseptic
Avoiding crass contaniments
I'm penning so much poison I keep my raps locked in cabinets
I rocked elablorate word plays in 3rd grade
And have you battle rappers searching for the burn-aid
This is for the masses that's packed in to capacity
This is for the cavalries who graffers tag in lavatories
This is for the groupies in the back stage shananigans
The riot's out the front 'til the Jacks spray the capsicum