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Artist: Bravehearts
Album:  Bravehearted
Song:   Sensations
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[Chorus 2X: Grand Wiz]
I get a sensation when you suck my dick (my dick)
Then you lick my balls (my balls)
Give me that good pussy (pussy)
So I could knock down the walls

[Verse: Jungle]
Yo, it feels so good, shorty gobblin' and swallowin'
Baby bobbin' weed, the lips I bust on top of them
Your ass so fat, you see ghetto booty bounce up and down
Like the porno movie "Girls Gone Wild", swing it all around
Can I hit it like this? Like that?
I can't wait inside, from the back
Stand up, ma bend over, love, let me control ya
I fold ya, all up like a prep suit
I'll protect and caress you
I'll draw it boo, intellect you
Or disrespect you


[Verse: Grand Wiz]
Nigga she was addicted, to what the dick did
Had her going crazy, fucking with the lips kid
Doing it, come quick I might ruin it
So I gotta, switch positions and get in to it
And bitch you better hold on, for that ride
Riding the pipe, yes my dicks inside
I mean, my shit must have been made for this spot
Because I couldn't think of a better place (why not?)
Cause the weed and liquor is getting to me
In a flash, and that ass is where I'm supposed to be
Pussy take me to ecstasy, so I know when I beat it up good
You stand right next to me
And girl, you know that I do it all night
Fuck to the morning, I get it right
Brave-hearts, about to blow
G-w-i-z I'm telling these hoes


[Verse: Jungle]
Yo I rip it up right? (yeah aight)
I make a hoe want to turn into my housewife
The sex, the cash, I'm from the project I grew up fast
I had the old and the young hood rats
Mix some hypnotic and a konyache
Bitches on my dick, cause I bust my gat
So ménage trios, it'd be like that

[Verse: Grand Wiz]
So let me turn it up, tear it up
Eat it up, beat it up
When I'm in it, I think I fuck something
That'll get 'em rimming, when we
Blaze the haze, and sexing crazy
Fuck your friend whether she with it or hate it
Your brain is serious, put me on
Imma pimp or mack, then deal with the thong
It's Jung and Wiz, straight out the bridge
In the club bitches see us and they licking they lips