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Artist: Bravehearts
Album:  Bravehearted
Song:   I Will
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[Chorus: Wiz]
When I pull out that thang you know what I'mma do
You's a dead mothafucka
Before when I catch you for dolo without your whole crew
You be walkin through the hood butt naked, 12 cage behind your ear
Your kneel more life I take it, and you know that I will

All my niggaz is rude, all my niggaz'll shoot
Every thought wit emotion all the general'll prove
That we get at this paper back smach these fools
Do whateva for the cheddar, even clap that dude
I'm even yellin ain't no tellin what my niggaz'll do
When we start movin Ill thats when you know it ain't cool
It ain't safe man, this nigga watchin my sling
Thats when he wanted to hang, thats when he pledge my game
But we don't fuck wit no badges unless they takin the blame
Of 20 corpse massacre, neva sayin my name
Blastin ya, neva doin a day
I neva heard, neva seen nuttin
Anyway my Braveheart heckles wet you
Hit you forget you, and though the cops soft that nigga Wiz a boss
I don't respect you, hit 'em up wit AK's
Bet you'll neva come back, when I get you, nigga

[Chorus: Wiz]

Anywhere you see me standin I make it like my block
ya'll wanna call the cops cause my full fire glock
I put you in the hospital, you picture me poppin you
standin over top of you, your survival is impossible
A mircle my bullets be tearin you
blood out your bubble goose, your conditions be reticle
I'm invasible bangin wit my gang
my SK wit the scope hit you long range
And I know, you don't want to die
I can see it in your eyes that your life is a lie
I'mma mastermind, always on the grind
from Alabama to to Atlanta sellin 'em pies
My homies doin time comin home spittin rhymes
I get a nigga a 9 and a head full of dimes
Henny no chaser roll a dutch not paper
Lets get this money now nigga, neva late

[Chorus: WIZ]

[Wiz] Now how we do a snitch?
[Jungle] They get the street death penalty
[Jungle] Three shots in the head, them mothafucker ribs
[Wiz] Nigga tellin on the whole family
[Jungle] Now son we gon' get 'em, bullets is gon' hit 'em
[Jungle] I don't care who wit 'em
[Wiz] So we jumpin in the V
[Jungle] Now he lookin for his trips, circle where he live
[Jungle] Yo look there is
[Wiz] Runnin up the steps to the bitch who snitch on my partner
[Jungle] Ayo ayo knock on that door son **door knockin**
[Jungle] Shot his father **gun shots**
[Wiz] Lettin on some more shots, bullets barkin sparkin
[Jungle] We killin anybody in the apartment
[Wiz] On the getaway
[Jungle] Guns out drivin to the car
[Wiz] I think that nigga Nashawn parked a lil too far
[Jungle] Ayo Wiz there goes a witness
[Wiz] Jungle handle yo business, nigga
[Wiz] I'mma pull up the car wit the quickness
[Jungle] Fuckin court case I shot 'em in the face
[Wiz] And if the cops come none of these bullets gon' to waste

[Chorus: Wiz]