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Artist: Bravehearts
Album:  Bravehearted
Song:   I Wanna
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Baby I wanna fuck, yea
I'll be your down ass slut, yea
You know I like it rough, yea
You can do it in my butt, oooh
When you look at me, oooh
I wanna throw my leg up, oooh
And give you what you want, oooh
So nigga get that ass, oooh

See my sleezy, sluty breezy
Does anythin I want she thinks she needs me
says her pussy hair use to be peezy
Ass like Serena playin tennis on tv
Terrific type vagina, very wet when I be deep in side her
My grandma said she was too fast
She was in the club shakin that ass
Hangin out late, smokin and drinkin
Ready to pop off without even thinkin
She want the cash, the clothe, the cars
She wanna lay up in bed wit the stars
When this bitch is naked, she the sexiest
She posses the kid like "The Exorcist"
Her breast excellent C-cup titties
She be rollin my weed when I drive through New Yitty


I got a ride baby girl ass too stupendous
Freak I'm wit this, Jung my witness
Bitch ain't got nuttin on this
Bitch damn how them hips is
Fuck her sun down to sun up
Summer through Christmas, give me them lips
both of 'em, open 'em its the real pimpin in here
Condom, anyone in this type girl, ain't no slippin off
Once I get it started bitch I'm rippin walls endin all
I got to get it, since you say it like that I'm wit it
Runnin to tell my niggaz you come up wit me to get 'em
We brinin your friends wit us, oh they in the ride
We in the south, we go swingin all over the east side
Queens get it poppin not only wit bitches man stops us
Hallow points face slap us thats another chapter I got baby girl ass wastin my face
she talkin to me while we drivin through the highway sayin..

[Chorus] +
And I'm not gonna front
started like a journey beat it like you mean it
Its ok get that hair and I'm ain't gonna lie
Do your thang out and we do it allll niggggght

[Jungle] Just like that, baby don't move
[Jungle] I'mma slide my 9 inch up in you
[G-Wiz] And I'mma straight take her to the bathroom
[G-Wiz] And we get it poppin its none stop so ma sold yo
[Jungle] The bitch is a freak, but its cool wit me
[Jungle] She neva do to ya'll like she do wit me
[G-Wiz] Yea girl pull down 'em thickeys
[G-Wiz] And pull out the tities and give me the pussy