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Artist: Bravehearts f/ Nas
Album:  Bravehearted
Song:   Eat These Bullets (Bonus Track)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Turn that shit up, Brave---hearts, Ill Will (Bravehearts)

(Chorus) X2
'Cause it's drug dealing, cat peeling
Police always looking for me
A warrant? Is you retarded?
Eat these bullets nigga
We Bravehearted

Could you believe the D's found out about the heroin
Crime organize, everyday nigga selling 'em
Bundles for Jungle, people gotta die
We come through and jump you, dump out that .45
So many individuals is put in critical
It's fucking pitiful, you snitch, gotta get rid of you
Shootouts in the morning, drive-bys at night
Even the police is scared of the Bravehearts gun fights

FBI cointel for all my niggas we deep
Diss your attorney, is this for my niggas while they asleep
Wire attach every clique on the phone when we speak
Fuck them niggas! can't take my freedom of speech
I've been killed ten niggas
Fuck they think this is, I've been here living
Under foul condition, SLAUGHTER!
It's a mothafucking riot, watch it
Now I'm reaching for them shells and guns up in the closet
'Cause I be...

(Chorus) X2

Now it's a thousand niggas fucked up in my city
Now it's a thousand niggas fucked up in yo city
No pity, niggas turning  them guns n blast 'em n toss 'em
Niggas turning them ones in millions and flossing
Why ask why nigga, do what you do
I kill a nigga for stealing, lay him and his whole crew
'Cause a nigga keep getting off slowly but more deadly
Fuck it if niggas want it my nine then bring empty

Uh, I don't kill niggas no more, now I kill crackers
Strong as Warren Sapp is, long as a giraffe is
F-150's & F-250's, Governor, order me about two Bentleys
From Rip Kaplan, I don't fuck with Aspen's
Too black for that, too tough for Hampton's
Rock Hermes, turn heads
Puff with Rasta hoes and skeet sperm in their dreads
Body whoever leak words to the Feds
My camaraderie from the streets will murder you dead
Flee NYC when it's freezing
To MIA, get this shit
My diamonds come with GIA certificates
Y'all stones is clones, I'm full grown
Hoes call my name on bullhorns
In the middle of an NBA playoff
Whatever nigga, we can face off
Wet a nigga with the AK or--
Oops, I mean kill a cracker
The truth, I'm the realest rapper
Bravehearts running this shit
God's Son, Governor, LES, Jungle and Wiz

(Chorus) X2