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Artist: BrassMunk
Album:  Dark Sunrise
Song:   Imagine That
Typed by: UGRLS Webmaster

[Verse 1]
Just imagine you feel like
That you want to walk on air and it's your real life
We the ones!
Still blasting niggaz but don't own guns
Inhale the breath of the world to expand my lungs!
We sounding tight, Detonate the dynamite!
Gonna climb the ladder height, Show you cats how to write
Out of sight
Brass is shining but you never see the light
Don't compare me to you man we like day and night!
Let me splash the track
Soak you like when I pat the cat
Cause I move like wind
Hot when I'm poppin in
In all things like I'm oxygen - Breath it in!!!
It's a higher clash with a dash of dust
My arms swing like I'm Maximus, Now back it up!!!
We turn cats to hermaphrodites
Just because they ain't acting right
We're the cure!!!

So don't!!
Fuck around you're bound to flop your show
It's like my rhymes will stop your flow
Matter of fact we gon smack ya flat
So make room for the ones who strapped- Just relax and imagine!
So don't!!
Fuck around you're bound to flop your show
It's like my rhymes will stop your flow
Yo I don't know where your minds is at
You small time in this thing called rap. Just relax and imagine!

[Verse 2]
Imagine lyricists without no dope lyrics
Imagine worshippers chasing false spirits
Surprise!!!Open your eyes. This is the everyday
So get up out my way or hear me when I spray
I came to bring the truth. Fire proof the booth now!!
My heat makes summer sun rays cool down!
I could freeze planets
Pause the stress and panic
These words running round your head like they're bandanas!
Dawg it's bananas
Hot like savannas
Make niggaz go to bed early
Wearing pyjamas!!!!!
We shine bright like lights from cameras
Snapping a shot
Rapping it hot
Cracking your knot
Your optical vision can't catch these scripts
Brass is pullin at your soul like we excorcists
We serving raps like we Mexicans who rock Timberlands. Trip!!
Every time that we spit your legs crippling


[Verse 3]
Ain't no special tricks
Ain't no secrets - The truth is we hit like bricks
I'm make you vibe like when you buy kicks
The big fish
I eat chumps like fried fish
I appear like an angel do
I'm capable
To make you bounce funny like a kangaroo
BRASS. We showing you a thang or two
Matter fact make y'all rappers go through some de ja vu
Somebody stop us!
Before we go overload
Push you back so far you change zip codes
It's the last verse
Put 'em in the cast - Hurst and all!!
Shot's bursting off
The vibe spreading like sisket
My rhymes like a chop or swift kick
That leave you one eyed like Slick Rick
You stupid ass don't you get it
We done did it
We're the ones you best come with it!!!!!