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Artist: Braintax f/ Task Force
Album:  Biro Funk
Song:   Godnose
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[Farma G]
Old timers? shake the place, fine rhymers stay chock-a-block and move
I'm groovy pitch defenders set a trend and bend your block
Flat spin, a statement, latecomer dates change
Booked-in, 10 o'clock, rock a mic show stopper
Stage dive, liver than live, I flow proper 
Smokey town, hustle down way, alley cat prey
Rustle cows, buckle you down into? the background
You play the pigeon, sipping Red Bull
When I'm the Kestrel sipping Tennent's playing tunes at full
I blast the claat can't rap I wear some dark then a Driller Killer
Sun-pressed pissing me off I got it rapped for real a'
Yeah done, what what, stiff upper lip shit
Camel back rap, walk the desert on a few sips
I stop bullets like Pat Jennings
Double-O killings, at the cost of a few shillings
Bringing down walls, last calls stinging
Riddim' shocker gun fire, dance halls, Jah shocker
Break beat rim shotter rotter, run the track

Farma G, Chester P, Braintax
And we don't give a fuck
Any time any place mic life sluts
Battle cats semi-faith night time struts
Limelight liars, strikers get struck
Cos' yo, we don't give a fuck

I'm Brando Flux with the brainiest of outlooks
You spit lines but I'm the type to grab the mic and shout "books"
From Lead 6 to E5, from Hobbit holes to beehives
From older heads to knee-highs, Mohammed Joseph Eli
Any type of way you're thinking I can touch I'm bound to do it
Like I put a towel down once a month and run through it 
From the start tunnel raider Lara Croft types are welcome
If it's ice cream no it's not a dream I'll melt like
My lava flow rap, you'd rather hold back
My Krakatoa attack affect the whole map
My javascript rap affects the snow caps
I affect performances, slow claps, you're dust
You're family even walked out in disgust, and now-a-days
I'd like to think I've finished fucking Miss-Trust
She's hanging out with Miss-Take, back in my past the rich slut
A piss-take, I tell you bitchy rappers grab a beat plate
Your teeth ache, I'm ready to compete and eat beef steak (wait wait wait)
You want a sweepstake? I bet my whole life
Double-barrel raps blowing through you parrots like a tsar
Old-schoolers stay corny, new jacks are too glossy
Playing paranoid Sheriffs in town with no posse.

And we don't give a fuck
Any time any place mic life sluts
Battle cats semi-faith night time struts
Limelight liars, strikers get struck
Cos' yo, we don't give a fuck

[Chester P]
God bless jacket baked sun stroke Loch Ness 
Hump stress bum stunt growth, fuck a man hunt
Snatch crumbs? act young living life slip-stream
Scum flick-knife tongue, life on the sharp side
Cocky and cockeyed party life dark side hearty pride
Mighty Quinn status when I blast the mic
Fahrenheit sweat-box, faux pas appetite
Formaldehyde fresh shit, satellite connected mine
Spot-light blind spot, time warp section nine
Captain's log, setting off rockets at collection time
Spine chill, white wine thirst quenched vaporize
Staple-gun shots, thunderbolts unstabilise
John Holt size juggernaut weight heavy eye 
Table knife slice, taking life like a? piece of pie
Visa flex sheep are fly Shiva high sleazy mic
Easy line sleepy head, looking for the reasons why
Cry baby lie test righteous blind eagle eye
Legalised fighters sliders glide gang for riots
Samurai sharp, make tracks by a candle light
Snow drop white, one blood don't scandalise
Mud life chicken run, cutting edge dog-fight
Rifle-sight rim shot, grim lock mega bite
Feather-light campaign, time block feel my pipe
Living that hype down gunnin' down feudal knights