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Artist: Brotha Lynch Hung f/ G-Macc
Album:  Dinner and a Movie
Song:   Split Personality
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They say I got a split personality
In daytime, I'm cool, nighttime

[Verse 1]
No electricity, no car payment
Make me just wanna rape shit, scrape shit off the concrete
And eat it, believe me, I can get devious like Little Bro
Criminal, call me the cream of crop in Sacramento, though
Why they wanna get severed up to many mini-meatlets
Why every time I get drunk and high, can't trust a nigga like a secret?
So I commence to make the meat rip, that's all I ever think about
Bell peppers and hot sauce, high blood pressure shit
Tell Lector I eat it raw, damn near rare
This album's supposed to make you wanna eat spare ribs
I don't ever wanna spare his life, fuckin' rape his wife
Razor-blade to knife you, sever your wife up, watch the knife cut
Picture it like a Nikon, I spit poison like a python
Shit, gotta get the lights on, when the light's on, human meat's
All over the room, blood all over the room, sickle psycho
Sickle-cell anemia, just light up the ooze

[Chorus: G-Macc]
I don't wanna say shit, I just wanna rape shit
I just wanna fillet bitches, night time, day, night
Nighttime AK shit, my other half is sayin' "Don't do it!"
But at close range, split your brain shit, I could speak but
I don't wanna say shit, I just wanna rape shit
I just wanna fillet bitches, nighttime, day, night
Nighttime AK shit, my other half is sayin' "Don't do it!"
But at close range, split your brain shit (I can say it!)

[Verse 2]
Friday the 13th, my day to work meat
Butcher shoppin' for Halloween, took it, chopped it, popped hollow three
I don't wanna get to pushin' the issue, but this is who listen to sick shit
I don't need to get 'em, look at him cookin' 'em, cookin' with some of the sickness
I'll be havin' them fits with the bitches and niggas, I'll stick 'em with ice picks
Split personality shit, liquor with kill 'em up shit, dose of that fill 'em up
Lead 'em up, eat 'em up, niggas get heated up like gasoline
After I put that gasoline on 'em, transform 'em to liquid, I'm a misfit
Cannibalistic, this is standin' and rammin' a bitch with a dick-blade shit
And I'm a animal, Crip shit, Hannibal cannibal, manimal, Siccmade shit
(One) Switchblade shit (Two) Then I'ma send 'em a thick plate dish
Women and venom, I'm a nuisance, believe it, I'll leave 'em and it pays quick
See me and demon, my shit Madesicc, now leavin' 'em with they bitch
'Bout to body-snatch her, attach her to the hooks in my closet, this may fit
I wear they skin, somebody on the news askin' where they been (It's Madesicc!)


I don't wanna argue, I mean, yes, I wanna argue, I'm like
No, I don't wanna argue, these niggas don't wanna know how sick I am
Maybe I should charbroil humans and leave off human beings
Shit, I'm a human gargoyle, fuckin' with me, get your heart boiled
I don't give a fuck about you, I don't want you to think that
Hit you with the MAC-10 and have your skin turnin' pink and black
In the backyard with a stinky sack, Dorothea Puente
Around the corner from Sandra Dee's, you don't wanna know the answer, please
That nigga dead, he caught two in the head, trigger squeeze
Just so you know it, I can do it to future enemies
I keep it blue, I just get right into it, skinnin' these
I need some bearings, I ain't gon' stop 'til I get 10 of these
Better pay attention, please, don't be a opportunist
'Cause when it comes down to it, when it comes to me, you ain't gon' do shit
I know your history, heard you don't ever spray shit
So please don't try to say shit, don't even say shit, bitch!


I gotta change my life! (You don't have to change your life!)
I do! (What's wrong with your life?)
A lot is wrong with my life and I'm tryin' to change it!
(You don't have to change your life! Just your wife.)