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Artist: Boyz N Da Hood
Album:  Boyz N Da Hood
Song:   If U a Thug
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yup yup ok
ya ya
boyz n da hood
ay ya
lets go
ay ya
jody breeze big duke young jeezy gee

If you a thug gone show us shorty rush a nigga
If us a hustla cope yo weights and build your muscle niggaz
If us a killa then gone leave um bloody nigga
and playas we aint worried bout them otha niggaz
{If you a thug gone show us shorty rush a nigga}
{If us a hustla cope yo weights and build your muscle niggaz}
{If us a killa then gone leave um bloody nigga}
{and playas we aint worried bout them otha niggaz}


Well I cant tell you bout them otha niggaz
but mah niggaz gutta nigga pushin shovin mean muggin
coakin back and bustin niggaz
yall betta back off me cuz yall punk niggaz
dont kno me holmes I dont kno who u thought I was
but I'll put one off in yo dome
so yall betta go head on
yall dont really want to go head on
fuckin with a real nigga get a nigga killed
I spill yo brains on the side of a building
nigga you aint got to have mah back nigga
I aint got to caryy no gat nigga
I aint got to grab no bat nigga
yall aint badlike dat so talk what you know ho
and not what you heard
dont be hatin a playa cause yo game is not as superb
I got niggaz out on the curb
tryin to put out a verse servin to people
who cant seem to straight in out they nerve (ayy)


yo we real life home invaders
dressed in all black like the Raiders
snatch slugs and niggaz teddas if they playin bout that paper
stay rollin out cali rovers silencers
and flashlights coming at me side ways
betta get yo fuckin pouster right yea
niggaz mistaken thinkin y'all can play us like a chump
treat ya like a baseball player and put you in a permanet slump
niggaz dump jump pumps in mah lap fuck the trunk
please believe we brangin the funk
yo srub erase a chump every day an episode
mostly over chanky hoes, that's why I be often throwed
play the game how its go all we do is bob and weave
search fo ways that we can eat
still stuck out here in the streets
all of us got a mill apiece


No time for talkn if you want it come and get it
fuck that sucka start to poppin
I'm the one thats in the trenches tottin bottles and crucificex
Life aint bout what it seems I sleep when I'm wide awoke
wake up I be in a dream
livin a nightmare go hawkin with stephen king
you work with a butcher knife be lookin like Wolverine
I run with mah dead folks mah life is stuck in between
I'm one with the holly ghost we say no bout twice a week
you a killla well gone and kill you a gangsta
well join you a pimp well then pimp a bitch
get em rich or justget the change
see I live by the quater mile I'm walkin against the grain
now call it like daddy call it the rest is in JESUS name

[Chorus] - 4X