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Artist: Boyz N Da Hood
Album:  Boyz N Da Hood
Song:   Happy Jamz
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Racisim at an all tyme high
and the academy fucked up
what the fuck we partyin fo' man?
You'll never hear me make no happy jamz
These niggaz love me fo' who I am
I get my money I got get my friends
Sip on sum drink and roll up in the Benz

My nephew you were born dif
mama got sugar in her bloodstreams
coughn up col yellin at the ?? she 50 yrs old and I put this on e'rything
she hadn't seen a happy day sence she was 17
The mo' I smile the mo I hurt I flirt wit the 12 gauge
hell they tuk my tuf it's like the devil when we cum outside
I aint lyin my niggaz pumpin the nine stead they droppin like flies
see we livin like larry james see most of a us high
I'm pullin guard from anything you want me ya die
my sister had ?? ona click
my pistols had answers that'd get us 60 yrs
but I aint wanna see my uncle had cancer in the dick
my aunty had cancer in the ass
she aint evenwant a shit died round 1986
niggaz all up ta BIG GEE and I'm broker than a slump bitch


Why you never hear no happy shit from young mathers
man you don't know the half of it
I came up on the block where the killaer stay at
Sometimes I wish I coud put my whole life on playback
and a two 1 shack they aint much you can do
but get drunk and roll another blunt withchya crew
but all the ?? soldiers I feel I'm due for a blessin
Late nite totin a Tec just for protection
This world done tought me a lesson I learned from the O.G.'s
how to keep my money rites in the low keys
look at the face of adversity and laugh at it
grand mama died while I waz on the grind this life is so tragic
cause I smile doesnt it mean I'm in a good mood
hate ta lose my mama cuz that lady cooked some good food
and I don't mean to be rude
but fuk the world all I need is the mom my son and babygurl nigga


only depend on a few in this lifetime
show love cause you never know when you might die
might try ta get my momma out these projects
only live day taoday never knowin what's next
cousin died and a car crash from a broke neck
Ridin in a stolen car with no ID
I hate that but thats the way this dirty world rotates
you gotta take control of your own life and seal your own fate
My momma was an O.G., my daddy was an O.G.
Be gentle wit the numbers man alotta folks notice me
Stuck up on the porch witta country man, wanna be older man
bout the store cut his stomach on the E
Momma had an Expedition but the monthly fee 453
Had to give back last week to BIG GEE the Edge Hanger
up and down all the stress I'm goin through
never make a happy jam


niggaz sick of bein broke
niggaz sick of doin shit man other motherfuckers taken the credit for
that sucks, niggaz sick of creatin shit man
And them motherfuckers you know capitalize over what they create
You know
So what's happenin right now
is the mob baby, the real mob
My motherfuckin rhymes nigga
Y'know, uhh I never make a happy jam
cause there ain't nothin to smile about y'know?
And if you thinkin a playin, keep fuckin with me
Young Mothers, Big Gee
The streets