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Artist: Boyz N Da Hood f/ P. Diddy
Album:  Boyz N Da Hood
Song:   Album Intro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[P. Diddy]
This Bad Boy South bitch Block Entertainment
Ladies and gentleman; I'm about to introduce to you (it's about that time)
FOur of the realest niggaz to come up out the hood
As I introduce to you (Boyz N Da Hood, Boyz N Da Hood)
Jody Breeze, Big Duke
The O.G. they call him Young Jeezy the Snowman
and Big Gee the Edge Hanger
These My Niggaz Boyz N Da Hood
Th ehardest group to come out of the Souf
Block Entertainment the label
Bad Boy South the Empire
And we won't stop, we can't stop
A-T-L motherfuckers
Let's do it Big Gee

[Big Gee]
Boyz N Da Hood, Big Gee
I'm the edge hanger head banger third leg swanger
Danger trick mangler spit led at the feds aimer
Hang a bitch fuck tryin to change her (fuck tryin to change her)
Anger wit the most dangerous chrome fit to have you pissin out ya anus

[Big Duke]
Now its Big Duke mostly seen in shell toes and dickie suits
Wit a team of troops in chevy coupes dat be quick to shoot
Trap robbers plus I got a slew off against cop gobblers
And a sick click dat get lite and turn to cop poppers

[Young Jeezy]
I'm a Nextel chirping gun totein' brick living fool
Buy a grand a day so I dropped outta high school (Yeeeeaah)
Jeezy real, nigga you the faker (WHAT)
Could read a bitch ass nigga like a newspaper

[Jody Breeze]
Okay now from a year ago hundred bills still fold
Summertime air forces winter time still told
You talk a good game but y'all niggaz ain't real though
Worldwide or underground when I'm around niggaz know

Ay what they know nigga?
Boyz N Da Hood nigga