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Artist: Botany Boys f/ Lil' Flip
Album:  Forever Botany
Song:   My Piece Shine Brite
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Mr. Lucky Luchiano
My nigga Lil' Flip, Botany Boys

[Hook - 2x]
My piece, shine bright at night
My teeth, shine bright at night

My piece shine my teeth shine, my feet shine
My Fleet shine my street shine, the 3 shine
Benzes and Rolls, freestyle flows
The number one baller rims, is blades and 4's
I'ma wear a lot of ice, when it's hot in the summer
I'ma let my teeth shine, when it lightning and thunder
Got bitches nice buys, that are licking my ice
If it's more than ten karats, bitch I pay the price
Have you ever seen a dog, with baguettes in his mouth
Never seen the Swisha House, till you came to the South
A nigga never out of time, never out of rhyme
But this little light of mine, I'ma let it blind

[Hook - 4x]

[Lil' Flip]
I like to get my shine on, and still run my planet
I look nice wearing ice, man I sunk the Titanic
Niggaz panic, when they see me hold up my fist
It look like disco lights, when I hold up my wrist
I got a million dollar kiss, I got a cup with sip in it
I got a platinum Rolex, that say Lil' Flip in it
I got a 2000 Jag, and I got an Escallade
I got a bowl of gumbo, and some shrimp etoufe
I love to ball in the mall, money ain't no thing
I got a Sucka Free piece, and Johnny made my ring
I'm the Freestyle King, you perpitraters go to camp
While y'all wearing c.d.'s, me and my click shine like lamps

[Hook - 4x]

My piece shine bright, nigga my piece blind sights
My piece strain your eyes, like when laws shine lights
My piece keep hoes on a mission, my piece could cause a collision
Caught a reflection from my piece, and almost took my own vision
Hoes ain't staring at busters, they stare at karats and clusters
I think grinding in my genes, I must of inherit my hustle
Eyes glued to my neck, when I step on the car lot
Gotta take my piece off a sec, and let my body thaw out
The way I speak up on my ice, you might think it's a mere dream
But look at my pinky look at my wrists, look at my teeth and earrings
So when I crawl 2000 Benz, just throw me the peace sign
And watch the locsters block the rays, when you see my piece shine

[Hook - 4x]

My piece gon hit you harder, than a iceberg
Fucking with your vision, contrasting a slight blur
Like a chandelier, that's getting brighter
Steady sparking like a flame, from a lighter
Frost up platinum wear, so rare when it glare
Swelling up your eyes, got it hard for you to stare
Cause my piece shine bright, at night
Clover leaf full of ice, with baguettes packed tight
Pinky rings flash bright, hanging out the car lease
Like my four front teeth, with channel set Marquice
Superstar do' seats, foreign cars we don't lease
We pay cash show our ass, and smash the concrete

[Hook - 8x]