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Artist: Boss Hogg Outlawz
Album:  Serve & Collect
Song:   We Boss Hoggin'
Typed by: Lil Hustle

I would share the definition of Boss Hoggin' with you white folks, but no
Game's to be sold not told motherfuckers
Boss Hoggin', I'm Boss Hoggin'

[Slim Thug]
I'm up before the sunrise, pulling out my supplies
I got hustle in my eyes, can't let the cash die
I'm a Boss Hogg Outlaw, chasing my stacks
Whether weed or c.d.'s, or ki's of crack
I gotta get it, being broke a nigga ain't with it
Show Slim the target, and I promise I'll hit it
I spit it for the real G's, who be out on the grind
Who hustle, cause dollar signs is all they got on they mind
Get your money niggaz, if you don't someone will
I can't depend on a record deal, for a mill
I'ma make it for my mother, one way or the other
I never did like snakes, so I got out the gutter
I made it now, that's why Slim the most hated now
No mo' living in the hood, we done upgraded now
And they say how did you survive, living on the Northside
In a city, where the skinny niggaz die
Tell mama don't cry, cause even if they kill me
They could never take the hustle, from a young G I'm Boss Hoggin'

All my G's in Texas on the grind, know I'm tal'n bout
I'm Boss Hoggin', getting this motherfucking money nigga
G'eah, you know how the South do it mayn

[Slim Thug]
Pockets still on swoll, got a lot of niggaz hurting
Hate to see a young a G, thet be getting what he deserving
I'm a soldier, so I can't let these haters stop me
It feel like the whole world, trying to baller block me
I got cameras around my house, I can't sleep
When headlights hit my street, I'm reaching for my heat nigga
I'll be damned if these H.P.D.'s, or F-E-D's
Or so called G's, take a nigga down with ease
If I go out, I'ma go out swanging
And if I go, I'ma go with that AK ringing
I'd rather die making money, then live po' and legal
As I sell the last sides, out this motherfucking kilo
I'm getting mine, in a major way
I took your biatch, cause I'm paid
You other motherfuckers falling
But me and my Boss Hogg Outlawz ha, we Boss Hoggin'

G'eah, this one here for every nigga in the motherfucking trap
On the corner, with them blocks and them motherfucking rocks mayn
Trying to get it, you know I'm saying I did this shit for y'all g'eah

[Slim Thug]
And to my niggaz, in the motherfucking streets
Turn this motherfucker song up, let me hear your beat
Cause you riding, with the rawest motherfucker ever born
And once again it's on, I'm one deep me and my chrome
Let it be known, I bar's none and fade em all
I'm Slim Thugga, the one that showed you the way to ball
I stand tall, for the Boss crew
Stack knots and call shots, like a boss do
Cross me, now it's a must that I cross you
Your whole future, is what that's gon cost you
Somebody should of taught you better, you fucking with a trend setter
That's down to do whatever, when it come to the cheddar
Touch me, and I'ma touch you
If you try to bust me, we gon bust you
If somebody fuck with me, we gon fuck with you
'Nuff said lil' punk motherfucker, do what you do
It's layed out, I got all my killers payed off
Punk pussy ass nigga, you can't fuck with the Boss I'm Boss Hoggin'

All motherfucking day long, stay strong nigga
I'm Boss Hoggin'