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Artist: Boss Hogg Outlawz
Album:  Serve & Collect
Song:   Recognize a Playa
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Say bitch, I know you see us
All these motherfucking diamonds, all this candy around ya
You can't help but see us, ha

[Hook - 2x]
I'm pulling out clean, you already know
I'm leaning off the drank, and I'm smelling like the dro
Stacks in my pocket, and my shine on glow
Better recognize a playa, when he step through the do'

[Chris Ward]
Open your eyes, and recognize a playa when you see one
Instead of always hating on one, try to be one
Gucci clothes, J's on my toes
Fruit loop necklace, with iced out rows
My wrist on froze, ery'body knows
When I step through the do's, handcuff your hoes
I'm so fresh you could smell your boy, through a stuffy nose
They call me Chris Wizzard, that's just how it goes

Step on the scene, you know I'm looking tight
Sipping drank, so you know I got a purple Sprite
Pocket full of cash, neck full of ice
I'm in my zone, so I'm trying to find some'ing nice
Badge on my neck, I'm talking big rocks
V12 valet'd, in the parking lot
Get my shine on, that's what playas do
PJ the Rap Hustler, he done came through

[Hook - 2x]

[Sir Daily]
I'm pulling out clean, every bezeltyne
Cleaners tag on my jeans, and a pocket full of green
We the dream team, for the state of Tex
Leaving stains on the 'vard, when we breaking the sec's
You already know, when we crawl down slow
Wrist lit up, and a big chain on my throat
Candy paint coat, got my frame dripping
And I'ma move packs, looking like I'm change shifting

[Slim Thug]
I'm sliding on the glass, got butter on my ass
Just got my license back, still trying to do the dash
Everything paid cash, no notes no leases
You broke ass niggaz, paying notes on leases
Fo' spokes fo' creeping, on a block near you
Watching boppers jock, looking in my rearview
20/20 vision, see haters in clear view
That's why I'm chunking deuces, I ain't going near you

[Hook - 2x]

[Chris Ward]
I'm back again, like you owe me some cash flow
Most wanted but most feared, like Fidel Castro
My pockets overweight, so they call me fatso
Others call me bright lights, cause the way that my badge glow

Backdo' feeling fine, blowing on some killer pine
Putting boys in they place, when they see that blue line
On game having thangs, hogging in that turning lane
Chicks hopping in the ride, hydro burning mayn

[Sir Daily]
You know it's lit up, S-I-R
Northside Houston Texas, boys on the bar
I ain't even tripping, I'm on that dro too
24's on my low, coming candy blue

[Slim Thug]
You know the Boss, talk G shit daily
Want some'ing free, no fuck you pay me
Pockets so fat, lil' niggaz can't outweigh me
Y'all small, Slim balling like Baby

[Hook - 2x]

G'eah so that's how it is mayn, you know I'm saying
You could see the Boyz N Blue, in a hood near you you know I'm saying
Riding in some'ing, with no motherfucking top
Hundred thousand around the neck, hundred thousand around the wrist
Hundred thousand, on the motherfucking pinky ring
Cause we motherfucking bosses, getting this motherfucking money g'eah