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Artist: Boss Hogg Outlawz
Album:  Serve & Collect
Song:   Cheating
Typed by: Lil Hustle

I told you mayn, these chicks is dirty
(they ain't see this one coming
They ain't think, we could do it like this man ha-ha
And oh yeah, it's a trap let's get it)

[Slim Thug]
I don't chase em I replace em, I don't save em I slave em
I don't trust em I cut em, then send em on they way'n
They coming my way playing, saying that they love Thug
Like I'm the first rapper, they took home from a club
Must be high on some drugs, thinking I'ma put you up
When half of this club, already cut you up
Bitch trying to get some bucks, might as well stop crying girl
You got caught cheating on me, stop lying girl

[Rob Smallz]
I knew it all the time, it's always on my mind
And you were clever, creeping while I'm on the grind
I thought you was my boo, girl I trusted you
Thought you made a fool of me, now who's looking like a fool
You coming in my home, smelling like cologne
Reeking from your work shirt, what the hell is going on
Everything was good, and you feeling fine
You got your time to pay, now you gotta ride the pine
As cold as your shoulder, the gaming is over
Squash everything, that I told ya
And forget the diamonds and riches, all of your wishes
You burned, it's none of my concern anymore

[Hook - 2x]
Can't believe you creeping, sneaking
Another man's bed you're sleeping, I can't believe you cheated on me
And now I'm asking, you're crying you're acting
Denying and lying, knowing that you cheated on me

[Rob Smallz]
I hope you didn't think, I wouldn't see what's going on
Like how you whispered, everytime that nigga called your phone
And how you never liked to, fuck no more when we at home
The day I asked you, why you ain't have your ring on
You said, you left it at your girl's house
But when I asked you, you couldn't say which girl's house
And girl, you lying right in my face
You need to leave now, I ain't trying to catch a case
Took me for a fool or a lagger, but I already had ya
Did you peep the game, from my swagger
But I gave you chance after chance, but you didn't take it
Girl now I gotta let you make it, make it

[Hook - 2x]

[Slim Thug]
I'ma go on keep it real, ain't no need for pretending
Why settle down now, when it's a world full of women
Pulling out ones in linen, on Miami South Beach
We young have some fun, ain't no shortage on freaks
We throw parties in suites, and keep bops by the dozen
That ain't looking for loving, they just looking for thugging
For every one gone, another two come along
So if she cheated tell her beat it, baby girl be gone move on


[Rob Smallz]
We shoulda been together, now it's gotta end - 2x