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Artist: Boss Hogg Outlawz
Album:  All Freestyles Vol. 3
Song:   Freestyle (Track 8)
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah, yeah, yeah Killa
I'm a Hogg..

Kyleon's, no pretender G
I got a few of these bullets, I can send you G
Matter of fact fuck it, take the whole clip to your whip
My bullets on vacation, taking a trip to your lips
Snatch your ass out your car, flipping your whip
Roll up a dro square po' up a drank, then sip in your whip
Uh my flow dope, like what you would call crack
Now if I ain't a Outlawz, then what do you call that
Cause I'ma beat up the beat, like a fucking ball bat
Along with some niggaz, bout killing and all that
Me, Thugger, Sir Daily, Mel and PJ
Gon stay hogging, and doing shit the G way
Gon make us a bunch of money, fuck the freeway
And if you don't play our shit, we fucking up the DJ
It's a fact brah, I'm fin to stack brah
I can't cut these niggaz, no slack brah
My bullets, just like a crocodile hunter
So when they see your Gator, they finna attack ya

H-Town Texas, where the Outlawz hang
We waited and grilled out, that's a Outlaw thang
H-Town Texas, where the Outlawz hang
We waited and grilled out, that's a Outlaw thang
H-Town Texas, where the Outlawz hang
We waited and grilled out, that's a Outlaw thang
A lot of folks try to jack, from our Outlaw slang
Ain't no love, cause you can't love a Outlaw mayn

[Sir Daily]
I'm a Hogg, and ball 24/7
Hustle like I'm dope selling, but I'm just flow setting
Dro smelling, cause I keep that lit
Niggaz trying to hide they hoes, cause I skeet they chick
We deep as fuck over here, peep the cuts in my ear
All day no play, heat tucked over here nigga
You fucking, with a street team
That's money hungry for life, we got's to keep green
It's no shorts, no losses big cars
Big houses iced out, lights out
Here come them North Bosses, slash Hogging Outlawz
I'm in until the end, I'ma shout it not crawl


PJ what's the deal, wrecking mics showing skills
Hoe ass niggaz talking down, cause they see me chasing dolla bills
H-Town is my hood, ghetto star it's understood
Hit the club holding wood, hopping out smelling good
No grill no ice, do it once I'll do it twice
Hoe show up at the bar, sipping Hypnotic with no ice
Pull a star spit my game, hit the room get some brain
Pimps don't die we multiply, catch us up in two lanes
Break a bitch shake a bitch, she come around me I'll take your bitch
You niggaz out there, that's holding weight
Don't make no mistake, we'll take your bricks
My homies getting bread, got homies in the FED
PJ hoe I'm a killa for real, you fuck with me you feeling lead
I ain't scared I'm turned out, doing bad I'm burned out
Niggaz killing they brain cells, bitch put that sherm out
Once was lost but now I'm found, PJ platinum bound
Me whack yo how that sound, you smoking that shit like Bobby Brown
We rip tracks we spit facts, flip Lacs and grip gats
They took my nigga out the game, but homie we gon fix that
Northside time to ride, fuck with me like suicide
My world ain't been the same, since my homie pulled the loot out
Gangsta shit gangsta click, listen to a gangsta spit
Hope you understand, that you fucking with a gangsta bitch
Boss Hogg Outlawz, big money big balls
Fuck with one of my team mates and I'm gon bust your shit dog

[Hook - 2x]