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Artist: Boss Hogg Outlawz
Album:  All Freestyles Vol. 3
Song:   Freestyle (Track 13)
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah, Slim Thugger
Boss Hogg Outlawz motherfucker
(blow it out your ass)

[Slim Thug]
Slim a problem, they prolly got a price on his head
Cause the only way they'll be number one, is if he was dead
He take vacations, let them little cats get them some bread
Bomb 'em like we did Saddam, and jump back ahead
Slim a problem, he never give respect to niggaz
He's so conceded, cause he cash bigger checks than niggaz
Soon as somebody try to stand him up, next to niggaz
He always hit 'em with some heat, and wreck them niggaz
Slim a problem, all he do is fuck these hoes
He the reason niggaz in Houston, don't trust these hoes
Cause first time they turn they back, or got they eyes closed
He got 'em at the Hogg Kingdom, college girls exposed
Slim a problem, he got H-Town on lock
Cause when he ain't got no work, it ain't none on the block
The fiends be like Boss Man, can we get us some rocks
Till I stop, getting watched by the cops
Slim a problem, I wonder why we don't shine like him
We got major deals, but don't read Rolex Times like him
We on BET, but can't afford a blue line like him
But until we grind like him, (no-no-no)

It's not finna happen nigga
(you don't love me, and I know now)
Boss Hogg Outlawz, Lil Mel

[Lil Mel]
I'm on that pimp shit, sticking hoes to a flock
Make 'em give they self up, like suspects to the cops
They know my loot better made, if it's not
I raise the right hand, they be like (no-no-no)
No mail, I get your mail
If my sluts ain't acting right, I give them hoes hell
Nigga I put 'em out, to get cheese and if they trick
Don't pay fees, I pull and squeeze he be like (no-no-no)
Y'all don't know, bout these cats in the game
How they act in this game, when they stack a lil' change
You need more advantage, to keep yourself sustained
Cause Mel keep the Mack contained, but y'all don't (no-no-no)
I keep rags with no sticks, like in a fairy
Piece got more big rocks, nigga than the cemetery
My chest, wrist and ear is all visionary
So when I walk in the club, haters be (no-no-no)
We the reason, why laws stay mad
And po' niggaz get flashy, and baby mamas get jazzy
And it ain't shit, to get your bitch to suck dick
If she get up before and spit, I'll be like (no-no-no)

Ha-ha, it's not finna happen nigga nope
Boss Hogg Outlawz, we the shit round this motherfucker
We off the streets nigga (I know that's right)
Wannabe-ass gangsta-ass niggaz, ha-ha
Rayface run it, hey

It's a fee for me, Kyleon don't speak freely
I abuse these tracks, like this the beat ceiling
So when you see me, act like you know hoe
Or get a bullet in your fro hoe (no-no-no)
I don't battle, but you can go toe-to-toe with the 4-4
Boss Hogg Outlawz, we rolling like the po-po
So pay close attention, cause a gangsta just spoke hoe
Cause you don't wanna get smoked hoe, (no-no-no)
Ha-ha too bad, cause Kyleon fin to get cake
I got that East coast feeling me, on Who-Kid's mix tape
I got 'em like, hey yo this kid spits great
So quit trying to hate bitch, and go get your shit straight
Ask around, I been the shit for years
My badge bigger, than some of these clicks careers
Cause Kyle switch styles, like he switch the gears
You ain't know, then go fix your ears

PJ what, uh yeah
Rap hustler baby, Boss Hogg Outlawz
Uh, uh yeah, know I'm saying what
Dream team baby, yeah check me out