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Artist: Boss Hogg Outlawz
Album:  All Freestyles Vol. 3
Song:   Freestyle (Track 11)
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Get or get (yeah) uh - 3x
Killa Kyleon nigga, check it out

I'm fin to put this, 22 to your brain
And leave a stain on your grain, when I aim and rain
Killa came claim fame, and he changed the game
And now won't be no more weak rapping, nigga thangs done changed
Killa Kyelon's the answer to your prayers, if you sick of the same
I look like him, how dare you compare me and say I'm the same
When I'm climbing the ladder, they be stuck in the same
Lil' spot on that block, trying to pedal they cane
You can't see me, you can't see me Killa out of your range
Except this Rolls Gold badge yeah, that hang on my chain
I entertain niggaz that slang, and dime piece dames
From the streets of Sugar Lane, back to Crane and mayn
I spit flames for your bang, when you switching the lanes
In the candy coated thangs, on 4's and swangs
Now you can't mention H-Town, unless you mention my name
Killa Kyle, Boss Hogg Outlawz the gang

That's fa sheezie, be easy
(Now you can't mention H-Town, unless you mention my name)
That's fa sheezie, be easy
(Now you can't mention H-Town, unless you mention my name)
That's fa sheezie, be easy
(Now you can't mention H-Town, unless you mention my name)
That's fa sheezie, be easy
(Boss Hogg Outlawz the gang)

[Sir Daily]
It's Sir motherfucking Daily, posted up in here
You could spot me from afar, by my wrist and my ear
My mouth and neck, the North till death
Ten G's is my fee, of what it cost to wreck
These bosses set, from breaking the mic
First class on the plane, eating steak on a flight
They hate on my type, and knock the hustle
That's why I keep the infa' beam, red dots to bush you
Now roll the dro up, and fire it up man
And puff-puff pass, till you high as fuck fam
Cause Daily do it, how it's 'spose to be
These Boyz-N-Blue is on top, you not close to we
It's more trees roll V's, that cost a lot
So clear the road when we roll, cause them bosses hot
We on top to the end, and that's fa sheezie
So sit back and watch us ball, lil' nigga be easy


PJ, I'm a Boss Hogg stunner
Cap pealer dope dealer, motherfucking rap hustler
I reach out and touch you, straight up fuck ya
Hop out on your block, and let the SK cut ya
To my nigga Boogaloo, while you rest in peace
I'm about to act bad, show my ass on these streets
Yo my pain run deep, you niggaz still asleep
I'm a three time felon, still riding with heat
That's fa sheezie, be easy
Cash money, is the only thing that please me
Bopping hoes trying to strut, waiting on a G to holla
Pimp bones in my body, bitch I'm all about the dolla
Fuck sipping drank, fuck popping pills
Let me touch a hundred mill, and I'ma tell you how it feel
My mind downloading, like a god damn computer
Plus my mouth piece deadly, as a P-90 Ruger
PJ nigga, it ain't in a G to stop
Boss Hogg Outlawz, see you cowards at the top