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Artist: The Boss Hog Barbarians
Album:  Every Hog Has Its Day
Song:   Dog Show Pageant
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yo Celph, when the fuck you gon' finish remixin
my solo track for the album man, that Dog Show Pageant shit
Yo gimme one of them old school funky-ass beats you got
Y'knahmsayin, so we can hurry up and get paid
C'mon, let's go

Heh, I'm not a poodle I'm a pit, y'knahmsayin?
Dedicated to all my people whether you in the dog house
Or whether you a top dog or the underdog, y'knahmsayin?
We gon' break this out, Spuds McKenzie where you at?

J-Zone in the slot for life, the Boss Hog
But popular opinion has me known as the dog
Zone when I'm on big dog can't stop my jump shot
I got a tongue like Odie so your girl might know me
Crept with a chick in the dark one night
She dissed me and said my bark was tougher than my bite
Then she turned on the lights, had a look at my mug
I'll admit it, my grill is ug', the bitch called me a pug
I said no tramp, I'm raw like a pitbull
when I doggystyle then occupied yo' mouth with a dickful
She called me a bastard, ignorant and nasty
But I'm not here to save her cause my name ain't Lassie
Cockhound, cause I charge to put my dick in a slut
Some debate about my race, some might think I'm a mutt - no
Y'all act like y'all never seen no lightskinned brothers
Raise up, Old Maid punk, and I piss with one leg up
Dogged by the critics, can't wait 'til they review this
They want another "Pimps Don't Pay," is y'all stupid?
I'll probably get two stars, they'll say this ain't conceptual
The Hogs are show dogs, therefore we ain't here to lecture you
When I hustle beats J-Zone the rottweiler
Used to front, now you wanna bark I'm chargin top dollar
Records in the trash, other dogs peed on 'em
Me I took 'em home and chopped 'em, and popped my flea collar
Kid I'm not Spot, I'm not here to educate you
Bitch I wanna dog you, I don't really wanna date you
Cause you ain't my owner capiche? Might bone her when I get in heat
But you'll never put me on a leash
And I don't roll with groupies, y'all hoes is crazy
There's two things I don't need - that's rabies and babies
Met a cute girl mama, show her the chihuahua
But I don't chase tail I chase scrill meanin dollars
Genocidal dog, not an animal rights guy
Cause I find dog mink fur coats quite fly
Catch a dog shittin in my yard, next week
I've have a Maltese fur mink coat, lookin hard
Rin Tin Tin and Cujo gotta wait
I'm in the dog house again, my old fans try to hate
Mad at my last two albums and I'm sure they'll hate this one
But I'm a cool canine as long as my checks come
And for my whole life my luck been this way
Whether top dog or lower than dog shit - hey
Zone the underdog, makin mail gettin rich
But I'll always be a male dog, you'll always be a BEITCH~!

Yeah that's what I'm talkin about - dedicated to all my people
If your luck has got you in the dog house don't even trip
Knahmsayin if you top dog keep doin your thing
If you a dog bitch.. be a dog bitch
Y'knahmsayin? Don't matter
Pop your flea collar to this
Fresh out the kennel {*"Watch out for that dog!"*}
Boss Hog's a dog
{*"Remember watch out for that dog!"*}
{*"Watch out for that dog!"*}
{*"Watch out for that dog!"*}

[Too $hort] I'm audi five to my dog house