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Artist: The Boss Hog Barbarians
Album:  Every Hog Has Its Day
Song:   Celph Destruction
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[Intro: J-Zone] + (Celph Titled)
Yeah, whatever. Yeah what...Y'all muhfuckas is stupid
I ain't tryin' to hear that shit
Matter of fact, here my muthafuckin' man is right now
Yo Celph (Yeah) these fools over here
talkin' that Paris Hilton (Uh-huh), mouth-fulla-dick garbage
You know what I'm sayin'? (Fuck that) But check it
I made you this beat, man. This beat is hard as my dick
on the first day of June, ass and titties all in the street (Aight)
One favor though, kick that crazy, ignorant ass rhyme you kicked
on my voicemail the other day, man (No doubt)
Shit was crazy. Tired of these fools talkin' this garbage, man (Yeah!)
Matter of fact, lemme load the beat up real quick
Lemme change the sequence (Let's do it)
Aight...MPC loaded, handle your business, man

[Celph Titled] + (J-Zone)
I'ma be...rockin' a kufi while I'm cockin' a uzi
Make it go pop like The Fugees, I'm stickin' cock in a floozy
I'm like 'Pac, you can't move me, I'm the Mustafa with toolies
I'll be hawkin' a loogie, it ain't no stoppin' this loony
While I'm clockin' a cutie that keeps a glock in her booty
She get hot in jacuzzis and watch her drop in a two-piece
It's a lot of these groupies, that be hot with the coolies
So it's best not that they do me so I stay floppin' their boobies
I'll put the dot on your doobie, even your pops said I'm groovy
I've been sockin' ya noobies since I was locked into juvie
And you gotta be goofy, rockin' your knot 'till it's gooey
At the top where my crew be, look how my pockets are poofy
And you sloppy like dookie, call me the Doc like I'm Doogie
I'm in the lobby with Susie, you see some mamis who blew me?
I'm sippin' Don with my ???, your bitches swallow the roofies
So come hop on my Suzuki, I'm poppin' shots from my hooptie
Like Better Crocker and Bruce Lee, I'm cookin' pots of chop suey
Roastin' your rott 'till he's soupy, look like a goblin, not Snoopy
Now you plottin' to shoot me, you paid the cops only two G's
I paid the SWAT Team a cool three to mop your top like Chewy
Or the Ewok in the movie, even Chris Rock said I'm cooky
Now check my plot, it's a doozy, I'm givin' ostriches noosies
So they can chomp through your Guchi, now you can stop actin' snoody
It's not about all the loochy, have you forgotten? I'm loosely
Out my mind, got me woozy, lettin' off shots is my duty
Champagne on the block like Big Scooby, peace to ???
Travel non-stop to Bermudy, sunglasses blockin' the UV's
Leavin' your carcasses, doobie, shootin' from choppers and Hueys
I bet you thought you could fool me, Blowfish; rock like I'm Hootie
I'm at the dock with some blue skis, sippin' some vodka with brewskies
I write a lot on my loose leaf, and the Godz couldn't duke me
Bitches be walkin' right to me, playin' 'em to me song "Juicy"
Ain't it odd they just knew me, is it not a bit spooky?
Your mom be callin' me pookie while I be palmin' her coochie
Look at my watch with the rubies, your whole roster is fruity
I'm slangin' rocks with my goonies, then we coppin' more jewelery
And I ain't gotta be boozy, I'm with the wops and the moolies
On TV slots like I'm Tootie, or that Cosby kid Rudy
Now you got sick with the flu, sneezin', when I rock they don't boo me
I'm spittin' topics so rudely just like the comic Paul Mooney
And I'm not from the boonies, no synopsis or proof be required
When I talk the tool speaks, you can't stop or repute me
You can't walk when I shoot these, riot and rock, we show mutiny
Walk in the spot, they say "Who's he?" Your album flopped, it's a snoozy
Bad bitch with a body named Lucy came to my spot and seduced me
Took my cumshots like a true sleeze, Vuitton Don like I'm Louis
Grabbin' my crotch when I'm moody (Yo Celph)
Heckler and Koch (Yo Celph) yeah I move heat (Yo hog)
Take all you got if you sue me (C'mon cousin)
Bring out the monsters and ghoulies (Make sure we got 'em)

"Pow, punk ass"