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Artist: Bo$$ f/ Erick Sermon
Album:  Born Gangstaz
Song:   Comin' to Getcha
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[E-Dub] The Bo$$, you suckers!

I'm comin to getcha (yea)
Tonight when you sleep creepin steady but quick
I'm here to tell 'em, that B ain't no petty bitch
You run up, you're gettin stuck - what was goin through your mind
when you thought, over Bo$$, you could ever fuck? (you could EVER fuck)
So nut up, whassup is I'ma drop fat gun blast
in the gash in that ass if I find 'em I got 'em
Takin cover from the killin
And body bags is the only motherfuckin thang I'm fillin (yea)
The spunk villain kill forty ounce by the neck
and it's kept on a ninety degree tilt
For me and my, diggy D-O-G's, doin dirt with ease
Shoulda got with that, niggaz can't fuck wit deez (can't fuck wit deez)
Bitches straight pimpin
Ain't no simps, and so the gang ain't simpin, it's a bitch thang
And step to this one how I figure
From six feet deep you push daisies and that ain't no maybe, nigga
So step in my set and get yo' ass fucked up when I hitcha
[How you comin?] I'm comin to getcha

[Bo$$] Runnin and runnin and gunnin and comin to getcha (*3X*)
[EDub] Yo, she's come to get ya, uhh
[Bo$$] Runnin and runnin and gunnin and comin to getcha (*3X*)
[EDub] Yo, she's come to get ya, kick it

There they go, down the block, got the glock cocked, here we come
Straight rollin in from the streets of the boondocks
Lettin mo' than just a little go
Gunnin punks down - then bailin back to the vehicle
Then that's when heads start swellin
You ain't been told; somebody better fuckin tell 'em
bout the motherfuckin misfits, out on that other shit
Goin all out, and doin much dirt on the killin tip (much dirt)
So save the rest for the next nigga
I was born to start trouble so they labelled me a gravedigger
And if the five-oh step, that's when I blast another
twenty question askin punk cop motherfucker (yeah)
Don't make your move before you think
And fuck the judge, the jury and the god damn precinct
So you can see the total picture
Watch your back cause the fact is that Bo$$ is like comin to getcha

[Chorus] - 1/2

Now check one two, E caught the flu
Funky with the style, some say I'm buckwild
But step off and check out the Bo$$
you suckers and crab motherfuckers!

Yo, she's comin to getcha

See most bitches don't fit
in the category of a criminal gettin paid (yeah)
where comin up is manditory
Where nothing's fallin but the motherfuckin rain
And nothing's changed but the weather
Cause life in the ghetto still ain't gettin no better
I'm takin a knot fo' a knot, throwin heavy hits
Then you wonder why it's yo' ass that I'm comin to get
Cause what I got I simply took a crook that takes it to the limit
Life's already a bitch - without me in it
I commence to make dollars and sense, pump lead
Only evidence, another ditch another nigga dead
If you a homie cap peeled if you play homies
never stay homies long anyway, fuck it
See some be throwin for bullshit, that must mean on some night
I'll take yo' ass out with just one shot
So when you duck from the bullets I won't give a fuck
You shoulda died before they hitcha, I'm comin to getcha