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Artist: Boot Camp Clik f/ 5 Ft., Ruste Juxx
Album:  Casualties of War
Song:   BK All Day
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

[Chorus 2x: Buckshot (Ruste Juxx)]
BK all day (all day, nigga)
We spray ya'll way (pop and you lay down)
So don't walk our way (get from round these parts)
Cuz we puff our way (fuck around and get shot in the dark)

[Ruste Juxx]
Aiyo, recognize my Boot Camp Clik out of N.Y.
Living legends in the game, niggas been fly
Think back, when we first entered the stage
Let that Brook-nam rhythm and rage out the cage, nigga
How Many MC's screaming U Da Man
Buck 'em Down with that Black Smif-N-Wesson in my hand
Champion hood fatigues, all black chuckers
Where the soldiers walk tight than a million muthafuckas
I don't give a fuck, I've been jumped a hundred times
Stabbed alot of niggas, committed a hundred crimes
Bitch, I ain't buying that, give you a raincheck
Gladly pay you Tuesday for seriously brain that
Sound Bwoy Bureill, chi-chi man funeral
Headz Ain't Redee ain't ready to shoot, niggas salute
The elite generals of the street and gun play
Ruste Juxx, Boot Camp, BK all day


[5 Ft.]
The streets are hard knocks, where police swarm blocks
Where every other soldier keep they firing arm cocked
Gorillas on that grind, it's a Brooklyn state of mind
Make money, take money, a famous motto of mine
When you find the hardest nigga, tucking in they shine
They know the rules'll get 'em, if you blink one time
So it shouldn't be a mystery, the man that gangsta history
The general, the fever, blaze ya out another victory
All you niggas running ya mouth, and don't mean shit to me
Leaving your body numb like Pepsi Twist mixed with the Hennessey
Got a shell for every single one of my enemies
Brooklyn pumping blood through my heart, to the death of me

This is the original Bucktown bullies
From the same block where they bust shots at police
Like, blow, everywhere I look
Somebody shook when they lost in the city of Brook'
And umm, ya'll know every block is danger
If you not on point, somebody came up
Fuck the stranger, beware of your neighbor
Cuz when he broke, that's when he change up to bring the banger
Finger on the trigger, as we look closely
At the car when he ride slow, cuz we don't really know pa
Ya'll know how we do around here
Who we screw around here, if we new around here


You hear my gun ball go in, shotgun toting
Heavy pitch blowing, nigga back the fuck up
Who you know fucking with the U.G.P.
Underground prince of hood H.O.P.
I'm a world wide hustler, Brooklyn gangsta
When the east is in the house, "OH MY GOD" danger
Did too much dirt to wipe my hands clean
And I love new money, so fresh and green
See the borough I'm from, we be on that bullshit
Fuck ya baby mama, hit you up quick
We play with whole bricks, nigga, get that weight
Respect my grind, 718, the great

Use caution when you crossing that Brooklyn Bridge
Don't get caught up out here with them Crooklyn kids
Real gritty, that's just how we live
Fitted '59 fitties over Scarface grills
Bedstuy, to the East, to the 'Ville
We get hype when we eat, give you fights for the thrills
We in the house, in the place getting field
Fights live through the breakout, the chain, get peeled
Girlfriends bang out with airbrushed nailis
Snatch your bitch weave right out
Her hair ain't real
You from the projects, your man ain't real
Getting house forced objects, it's like that? Yeah


Fuck your gun talk, play 'No Doubt', you 'Gwen' 'don't speak'
You ain't shooting nothing but air, you Nintendo Wii
Fuck the industry and fuck being in those streets
I'm from the low down, you can't even go in those peeps
It's an animal hunt, think I damage your hunt, your man in the front
Get snap shot without a camera, son
The animal's hunting the animals, the pigs is the worstest
Well, not to the rats and the bird niggas
Fuck them, they can't stop you from getting your food ate, they just
Make it hard to eat like toothaches
Pause, difficult to eat like toothaches
I be having myself and I like shoelace

[Chorus 2x]