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Artist: Boondox
Album:  South of Hell
Song:   In Between
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Use Bengay Aspercream KY Jelly or Vaseline
anything to slide between them sweet supple jugs

Look here yeah bitch I'm talking to you
I got my meat on granite so what ya wanna do 
I mean sure we can screw but what ya think about this
You me vaseline my dick and yo tits
And dont get me shit ya pussy is tha bomb
Sisqo crisco yo ass in a thong but I need a little change
and it might come as a shock
That tonight is the night to think outside tha box
and I'm lookin at em wiggle and jiggle tickle my pickle
ya might be a dime but I'm a give you a nickle
thats five limp inches if ya wanna see tha rest
KY them bitches put my treasure in ya chest

Use Bengay Aspercream KY Jelly or Vaseline
anything to slide between them sweet supple jugs
and I dont care if my dick falls off
grab my balls and make me cough
I just want to see those soft and sweet supple jugs
take em out make em bounce ya juggalettes
let see those jugs take em out make em bounce
pull up your shirt and show some love

Ya P U S S Y girl you aint got a alibi
I aint shootin for tha hole but I'm a let ya know
that you might get a little bit of this in ya eye
but please dont cry no pain no gain
let me in between them titties
then ill knock it out tha frame
out ya legs in the air (OH GOD I'm CUMMIN)
but not before my dang a lang get a lil lovin
from them sweet sweet mounds so firm and round
I be givin you the bone like a insane clown
like birds of a feather squeezed close
together lets see whats poppin underneath ya sweater


Fun bags, high beams, rack, top shelf nugs
cupcakes, flopadoodles let me see them jugs
and Victoria baby dont ya keep no secret
like so so def I'ma show ya how to freak it
got love for ya booty and them d s l's
if eatin coochie is a crime then throw me in jail
but now I gotta appetite for them titties
tonight its like ya mouth is Alaska
and I'm bout to lay pipe through them snow caped peeks
till ya jaws strike oil ya best friend is a diamond
all I got is a pearl but its all yours girl
comin straight from tha heart
I'm a make like moses let ya breast please part