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Artist: Boondox
Album:  Krimson Creek
Song:   Untold/Unwritten
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus (x2)]
I ain't never had no easy life
what I had become didn't come from thinking twice
Put that on everything (everything), everyone (everyone)
Born to fill the prophecy the son of the seventh son

I was born with a fork tongue, born to spit the wicked shit
childhood circumstances made the mother fucking shit legit
even as a little kid I knew that most would hate me
My uncle tried to kill me, that's the things that helped to make me
Lost up in my mind I never fucked with any medications
slowly over time went from crazy in to desperation
never learned to cope with feelings
never felt a fucking thang
never gave a fucking enough so never placed no fucking blame

Neighbors talked about me, they knew something was wrong
Started chocking out my friends and they knew that I was gone
I was labeled as bad seed said I needed therapy
in and outta schools for drug abuses and vulgarities
Been away so many times to try to fix a broken child
He's so mean, he's fucking sick, the little bastard never smiles
A lof of doctors, teachers, family members and they all say
I wanna take the time to thank 'em for the man I am today


When the Devil came to Georgia, made his first stop in Covington
Looked me in the eyes and told me son you're the seventh one
Put your pen to paper
put your blood in every fucking line
an angel on my shoulder
put my blood in every fucking rhyme

Is a little crazy but I got a way that I can deal
Now I got some people understanding how the fuck I feel
Instead of choken bitches out and catching me a murder case
I get up in the booth and let the mic take these bitch's place
Many trials and tribulations put me into situations
Went from sitting in the back to preaching to the congregation
Many tried to dowse the flame, throw some salt up in my game
stab me in my fucking back and I don't gotta say no names
Came from rehabilitation, running streets if I can change
now I hit the road in buses, people screaming out my name
I ain't think I make it, thought It'd die in less than what it's in
but I'm just getting started let the age of the crow begin