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Artist: Boondox f/ Violent J
Album:  Krimson Creek
Song:   Freak Bitch
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Like stuff started coming out and at the time
I thought it was (pee pee, pee)
I didn't know until it would squirt
Until I got into porn (pee, pee)
But the whole time I just thought I, I
Was I was peeing, I was cumming but pee
Was comming out (pee)
Really when I'm playing with my clit or
I have a I vibrator or getting fucked really
Hard I can squirt (pee)
Or I having some (pee) fantasy in my head (pee) or...

[Verse 1: Boondox]
The sins of the flesh, a fascination with death
While suffocating your breath, it's torture mixed in with sex.
I wanna get you undressed and lick the blood from your chest
And everything I request I know be keeping you wet.
My sadomasochistic baby dressed in leather and lace.
You're far from a fucking lady but you're sweet to the taste.
You love it when I tie you down and put the gun in your face
And every time we get together could be our final embrace.
I'm on some other kinda level when I got you in bed.
It's like you're fiending for the semen when you're giving me head.
The liquid pouring out your veins stain these white sheets red.
Your eyes rolling back; it's like you're one with the dead.
Can't wait to see you in that see through.
Fuck until your pussy bleed, that's how we do.
You wanna taste pain and make the blood rain.
Busting nuts and busting veins until you scream my motherfucking name.

[Chorus: x2]
She wants the kinky stuff, she likes it hard and rough, another kinda love.
(My little Freak Bitch)
She's really into pain, I'm really glad she came into my world and I need.
(My little Freak Bitch)

[Verse 2: Boondox]
It's like your legs can't get along because they always separated.
When I got you all alone, this fucking freak that I created.
Asphyxiation with your thong got you open and sedated.
Hear the screams and hear the moans, I know the neighbors really hate it.
Close them motherfucking shades because we breaking the law.
Slicing your wrist cut your throat while taking dick in your jaw.
You whisper "end my fucking life" right when I'm dicking you raw,
Holding your breath close to the death right in the thick of it all.
I know that you was what I needed in that Tripp black miniskirt,
Hot Topic-shopping, with your girls, a little fucking flirt.
Surprised by the fact that you was into all kinds of dirt.
Surprise in your eyes when I made your fucking pussy squirt.
Grab you by the dreadlocks, put you in a headlock,
Choke you 'til you twitching, baby, just to make the bed rock,
Now you know what I got for that little hot box.
Take you to the limit, now you all about some Boondox.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Violent J]
Her asshole's blew out like a fat kids socks, plus she love her some Boondox.
(My little Freak Bitch)
She gets wet like a water balloon, just popped in her lap when he raps.
(My little Freak Bitch)
The freak knows just how to control you with her pancake areolas.
(My little Freak Bitch)
She got a tattoo all on her twat, a big stage shot of Boondox.
(My little Freak Bitch)
She likes dick when it's up in her butt. It makes her quack like a pond duck.
(My little Freak Bitch)
She blows nuts humming Boondox covers and she keep all his old rubbers.
(My little Freak Bitch)
She drives a ten-speed behind the bus and won't let go of his nuts.
(My little Freak Bitch)
She ain't a groupie or a hoe like that, she just love eating dick splat.
(My little Freak Bitch)