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Artist: Boondox
Album:  The Harvest
Song:   They Pray With Snakes
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
In the belly of the beast the place that's miles away
In a deep southern town where the devil comes to pray
A choir sings with their eyes sewn shut
By a stream the children play in water flowin with blood
The pastor stands on his pulpit while preachin of Hell
On the hilltop church with demons ringing the bell
They toll twice for the missing and the recently departed
In the pews the congregation sits a 100 days rotted
Suffering is all around us, stench of death in the air
Nobody seems to notice or nobody seems to care
Its just an everyday life and a normal routine
People walkin' right by but never notice the screams
A backwards philosophy passed down through the ages
Generation of murder written down in these pages
Of a book overlooked and forgotten in history
A place where the secret is surrounded by mystery

I can hear the screaming in the forest at night
They pray with snakes and they poisons my mind
I can hear the screaming through the forest at night
They pray with snakes and they poisons my mind

[Verse 2]
Was it a curse or a sickness that raced in the minds
Of these sac-religious hillbillies raised with the swine
No remorse in the souls and their heart's pitched black
Thirsty for the blood hound murdered contact
Feasting on the brain of the ones they call sinners'
Cousin Cletus in the kitchen carving torsos for dinner
In the barn, on the meat-hooks, bodies are hanging
In the cellar by a chain more bodies are swingin'
And in the field like a scene from an old parkin lot
Abandoned for so many years, cars left to rot
And buried in the garden in a hole dug deep
All the bones and the belongings all piled in a heap
Ungodly sounds of torture echo through the trees
The screams of suffering still blowin in the breeze
Not on any map, undiscovered, never surveyed
Secrets of a small town kept locked away

[Chorus repeated 'till end]