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Artist: Boondox
Album:  The Harvest
Song:   Rollin' Hard
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
In my hands I hold the key to who I wanna be
Solutions to my problems are just sitting right in front of me
I crush them up with a little bit of gun powder
I should be where I want to be in a half an hour
My mind trips I loose grip and sinkin' in
My eyes roll and takes control and it begins
Look in the mirror my relection slowing fades away
A monster staring back hard black and his soul decays
Theres nothing left but a shell and an urge to kill
No voices in my head just the will of a couple pills
A contact a metal mixed with XTC
A knife in my hand and I know what I expect of me
The bloodlust in the fear is what im lookin for
Rush in my veins as I rush and slowly bleed this whore
Its pure desire and it burns at me like fire
Mercades and a murder spree is what it takes to get me higher

[Chorus 4x]
Im rollin' hard im steady rollin (non stop)
When I fall nobody catch me (no) let me drop

[Verse 2]
Under a strobe im so hypnotised my pulse races
Look atround the room and all I see is un-familiar faces
Girls dancing with glow-sticks and body glitter
Searching for the one as the face hits and lights flicker
And just as quick as the sensation hit my brain
I saw her in the corner glowin bright like an open flame
I passed her with pink hair and ponytails
Pale white skin with red lips just hot as hell
Our eyes met just like she saw right through me
Like she knew all my intentions but she walked up to me
And I aint sweatin it cause I had to make her mine
She came up turned around so I crept up from behind
Put my arms around her and she reached around my neck
And right in the begin she knew what was next
She was a pro and it made me want her even more
Took me in the room and closed the fuckin' door

[Chorus 4x]

[Verse 3]
Slammed her against the wall I fucked this bitch in a rage
And with dialated pupils in my mind in a haze
I looked her in the eyes and I saw no fear
But saw the scars on her wrist and I knew why she was here
So I threw her on the bed and I ripped off her shirt
And the blood stain sheets from up under her skirt
I felt razor sharp pains when she dug in my skin
Thats when I started to see the room started to spin
And without even thinking I put my hands on her throat
And she didn even blink when she started to choke
She just stuck her nails in so deep that I bled
I wanted her to die and she wanted to be dead
With a single breath right when I let her go
Her eyes fell open when her body turned cold
She got what she needed and I got what I came for
So I left her on her back like a fuckin' filthy whore

[Chorus till end]