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Artist: Boondox f/ AMB
Album:  The Harvest
Song:   The Harvest
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[AMB 2x]
Its the time for the harvest
Time of the harvest
Its the time of the harvest
Your time

[Bonez Dubb]
My ride broke down on a mountain of dust I'm lost
With nobody around I cant fuck with the cost
Of the cell phone or tow truck or even the cops
Nobody gonna find me until my cold heart stops
(I started walkin' and all of a suddent the sky became rain)
Seen a house on the way looked fuckin' insane
With no windows or locks so I stepped inside the room
Anything can really happen so I'm trying to leave soon
(And then I seen a blade)
Hangin' down from the wall theres no explanation for the crazy shit I saw
Got me trippin' but I reached for the steel anyway
That's all I can say because after that day
They say too many people died at that main highway
I guessed I murdered them all when I'm possessed by the blade
So they locking my up for life and now I'm gone
And the only thing on my mind is what I did wrong

[Chorus 2x]
Its the time for the harvest Time of the harvest
(when the sling blade works in ways that's so sticky to you all to die die die die die die die)
Its the time of the harvest Your time
(In the chemical chills the blood spills and drippin' we all die die die die die die die)

When I feel I got the urge to kill
As if for real I draw a blank and then I reaching for steel
The sharpest razor blades that made my first rate
Hands of full believers full of murder and hate
Used by many souls, many years on the crops
Slicing through dicing thought wheat and corn spots
But when I grab it something happens that hears all of my confessions
Takin' control of my emotions like a demon possession
No remorse in my heart for the things it made me do
All the blood that was shed like it wasn't even true
Wake up in cold sweat sheets covered in red
Then the flashbacks hit me of all the soul that we bled
Was it true? Did I do all these things in my brain?
Was the slingblade curse or was I going insane?
I ran out the front door and just looked all around
100 headless coprses' laying all over the ground

[Chorus 2x]

Got it in my hands and a feelin' rush though
Ain't nobody know what to do when my slingblade fucks you
Cuts through with a 1,2
I drop poison on my airplane when I crop dust you
See I gotta put food on the table
And give sacrifice to the Gods that I pray to
And that means that nothing can save you
Apologize to Mother Earth for what the humans raped you
I raise through the fields and chase you
With fast pace your back breaks
When the sight takes you
Then I drag you back by the hair to my shack
Button up my coat and diesect your throat
I cut out the flesh the pieces are so big
I put 'em through a shredder then I feed them to my pig
And I know the job move a little slow
But the heart is dissend and I'm gonna sweep what we sew

[Chorus till end]