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Artist: Boondox
Album:  Abaddon
Song:   The Sober Truth
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Intro: Boondox]
Y'all thought I was done, huh?
Thought it was over?
Shit, it ain't over
I'm just gettin' started in this motherfucker
Boondox! The Scarecrow

And these moments I can't take
That I feel like I'mma break
When did I get so down
Never thought I slow down
Was it over? Got sober
Didn't know what I might do
Feel like heads from a prestan
Hit me back (I knew I was a motherfucking beast!)

[Verse 1]
Ain't been too long I've been sober
Blacked out most of my damn life
Bitches get fucked in bent over
I got shot on the next wife
Y'all don't know but a little bit
My shit ain't been closed to told
Always say that I'm loosin' it
But my soul ain't been close to sold
Angel on my shoulder and the devil in my right hand
Lookin' to Jehova, empty bottle on the night stand
Battle with delusion calls, battle with who close to me
So much damn confusion didn't know who I supposed to be
But never no more, repeat that never no more
I see that comin' from a mile away and never no more
Don't be that same motherfucker with my head up in the cloud
Not just another motherfucker screamin' "hi, look at me now"
Still rollin' with the heater, desert eagle, that will never change
Quick to pull the triger now y'all fools are never outta range
Only thing you need to know I got to put this on my tatt
Dox is fucking monster ressurected, put that on the hat


[Verse 2]
Though I stand at the evident, was let me get my mind right
They shoulda kept me on that shit, not let me get my rhyme tight
19 days locked in the dark, y'all don't think I was coming back
Dirty now, he ain't got the heart, but here I spit on another track
Hoping that these bastards don't forgot how much they hate me
Hope they still be sleepin' on it and highly underrate me
Hope your girls don't flick [?] while you work on my shit
Hope she use your credit card and not twitch when she buy it
Now I got this new shit, enjoy it now and live it up
First that she hear this gon' be the last time that she give it up
On you can put that on a tall tee
With my number writen under it so she can call me
Call me? A motherfucker call me lame ass
Long as heatens love me you can put a bullet in my brain
And they gon' resurrect on the third day (apparition)
You just feedin' fire to the flames bitch (ammunition)

[Chorus x2]