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Artist: Boondox
Album:  Abaddon
Song:   Black Eyed Kids
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
So dark outside can't see a thing
Through the cracks of this window pane
Shadows seem like they come alive
Every noise fucking with my brain
I'm paranoid thinking about last night
Can't shake it off, burned in my sight
Unexplained is understatement, what I saw it wasn't right
Knock at the door, kept it off
Wait to answer, tha air got thick
Lights started flicking on and off
My heart felt heavy and my soul grew sick
Two little kids just standing there
Dressed like folks from way back when
Didn't looked up, just started askin'
"[?] can you come in?"
Thought about it, then my mind went blank
Felt like I've been hypnotized
That's around the time my stomach sick
You looked up and I seen her eyes
I seen her eyes [?] still
Something like a scene from silent hill
No life, just a empty shell
Eyes blacker than a deepest pit of hell

[Chorus x2]
We are the children who lost our way
Come to visit from our grave
Around the rose we spin
If we’re knockin' let us in

[Verse 2]
Just standin' there a cold blaze there
Pale white skin, little coat, black hair
Ain't wanna trip but the shit was rare
Ain't gonna lie, I was fucking scared
Tried to speak, but my words felt short
An evil like I never felt before
I slammed the door took a minute to breathe
Hopin' I was seeing shit, hopin' they leave
Then another knock, knock down to last
Reality check, kicked in the ass
The door flew up and they both looked up
Then scream so loud that they're shattered glass
Over and over just "let us in"
Face never changed, no frown or grim
Had to fight I couldn't not being
Was this hell? Pinnace for sin
One kept askin' the other kept screamin'
Then I heard laugh it sound like a demon
Closed my eyes, and one last breath
Please wake me if this is a dream
As quick as it all went down
Everything went quiet, didn't hear a sound
I open my eyes, all strucked
They were gone, faded, vanish... fuck

[Chorus x2]