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Artist: Boondox
Album:  Abaddon
Song:   Abaddon
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Gimme a reason to have you sleeping with the demons
Fire breathing out the Glock and it's screaming
Bitch go and see him
Now you're grieving at the thought of this human no longer being
Seemin' like you was dreaming
And thinking this can not be
And you see ya feeling the heat from the fire
Burnin' and churnin' inside ya
Looking to Heaven and praying
Angels will come in to find ya
Suffer eternally torture just like a fetus
Abort ya
Line you up like cattle to the slaughter
And sort ya
Go into that light that red beam on my Ruger
I'm ready like Freddy but no my last name ain't Krueger
I'm killing you softly but no I am not a refugee
Soak you in kerosene
And burn you like effigies
Just like a serpent I'll strike you like it was nothing
And quicker than liquor my venom enters your bloodstream
Runnin' your mouth into thinking that you can handle this
Have you surrounded by velvet blew out just like a candle bitch

[Chorus x2]
Come on in
I heard the demon screaming
I heard the demon screaming as his body bled
Mind altering

[Verse 2]
Walk up behind ya and pop ya sever your spinal cord
Then kick you and spit on you
While you're jerkin' down on the floor
Watching the life as it leaves you
Eyes roll into your head
Then empty the clip in your body
Makin' sure that you're dead
Say my name backwards proceed to speaking in tongues
Then take the soul from your body
Like I took the air from your lungs
I bathe in the blood of the lamb
To get me to Heavens gate
I bathe in the blood of the damned
Grinnin' to steal a taste
Call me the reaper
Call me the angel of homicide
I'll come to your family reunion
Take out your mom aside
Drag you to Hell like them shadows fuckin' with Patrick Swayze
Drag you to Hell like that shit directed by Sammy Raimi
Blow up your spot like the ghost
I'll torch you with laser eyes
Then fuck your old lady with a dick
Made of razor knives
Ride with the hounds of Hell
The one king of Avalon
You fuck with the Devil, Damien AKA Abaddon

[Chorus x2]