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Artist: Boogiemonsters
Album:  Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album
Song:   Old Man Jacob's Well
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[Verse One] [Old Man Jacob]
I got the craving's again of the wicked
Addicted by the blood that floods from the ones I've inflicted
The pain upon the innocent ain't comin' back to scare me 
In my mind
I kill to forget, the devil doesn't even dare me anymore
On my own I stalk and walk 
In the playground for the kid out alone after dark
Then sparks the flurry
A fury, inside me 
As I fight to stop myself, teardrops make things blurry
I know he's just a kid, but maybe I can save his soul
From this evil world if I can take him to the hole
I'm prayin' that God strikes me down before I take another life
I'm mumblin', fumblin' with my knife
I got to get him quick and take him back behind my shed
I'm lookin' up on the kid from the deck
My name is Old Man Jacob
The man from the meadows
The man that no one really even knows

[Chorus] [x4]
Old Man Jacob's well
Old Man Jacob's well
14 souls dwell
In Old Man Jacob's well

[Verse Two] [Little Kid]
Mommy and daddy said to never ever ever talk to strangers
Even if they say they know us, don't even tell 'em what your name is
But I'm no punk because I got the kicks
I eat my spinach, I'm the fastest kid around and I got on my zips
It's kinda late to be out in the playground anyway
Plus there's no one left to play with, what would mommy say?
I'm a slick kid, I'll take the shortcut quick 
And get home before she leaves
I won't receive punishment, haha
Walkin' through the bushes with my protection sticker
I hear a "pssst" 
Behind my back and there's a man smirkin' then he's hawkin' spit

[Old Man Jacob]
Hey buddy boy here's a toy, play with it
By the way, you remind me of my old son Leroy

[Little Kid]
I begin to dip
He threw this piece of metal at me which kinda made me trip
He grabbed my feet and tied my hands up with masking tape
I'm hopin' he doesn't think what I'm thinkin', God don't let him rape
He took his sock and put it in my mouth 
I felt a tear drop hit from his cheeks
I want my mommy
Where's the damn police?

[Chorus] [x4]
Old Man Jacob's well
Old Man Jacob's well
14 souls dwell
In Old Man Jacob's well

[Verse Three] [Old Man Jacob]
See livin' all alone in that field brought the pain
? track him as I strain
I ignore his moanin' cause there's no turnin' back
I know I'm dead wrong, I know I'm crazy and I lack
The love to fight the pain so I do what I gotta do
I need someone else to feel the pain I'm feelin' too
But isn't that how it works?
The world's out to get ya
And when you take a fall, they tumble down with ya
The world is no place for the soul of a child
Cause he could become like me
Demented, sick and vile
What else can I do?
I've tried and I've failed
I look back at the meadow and I see the bloody trail
That his body's made
But no one will ever know 
Cause I'm little man Jacob and I've never had a foe
Or a friend in this world
I hope I burn in Hell
I wipe the blood off my knife and drop the 15th body down into the well

[Chorus] [x4]
Old Man Jacob's well
Old Man Jacob's well
15 souls dwell
In Old Man Jacob's well