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Artist: Boogie Man
Album:  Lyricist Lounge - Underground Airplay
Song:   Just You Wait
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[Chorus x 2 - Sampled from 'Just You Wait' from My Fair Lady]
Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait
You'll be sorry, but your tears'll be too late

Look, at first I was gonna let it slide
Cause I was thinkin son was crazy
Plus I respect my elders, and ain't dude like about 80?
And I felt bad, so when I heard, I was like whatever
Plus he ain't had a joint out, since the Jacksons were together
Let him shine
So what he did a song like mine?
So what his whole first verse was like half of my first line?
He good
I'd understand his pain
I mean, how would you feel if the only thing fans asked you was
'What up with Kane?'
And we from the same hood, so it's plain to see
You'd go to crazy too if everybody thought you was Craig G
Son I'd be fed [up]
If for the rest of my life I was known as
The other guy who did a song with Buckshot and Special Ed
"What's your name again?'
Son, I dunno how you did it
If my hype man was better then me duke, I would be like 'Forget it'
Face it, you don't want none of Boogs
I'm a walking disaster
And we can take it back for old mics
I will show you the master, mother...

[Chorus x 2]

I don't understand
Pa, you could've came to me
Duke, I'd've gave you 16
You ain't have to do the same song, about the same thing
What, you ain't hear?
Ask around son, what I write is tight
They call me CPR
Cause I can bring your career back to life
I'm sayin, I just do not understand
And I swear one of them lines said that 'I'm ghetto like Boogie Man'
What, you thought we was a joke or somethin?
Nah, let me stop before his old ass crap out, have a stroke or somethin
This a mismatch, you can't hang with me, hardly
And with those A-B-C rhymes who writin for you now, Barney?
Come on, don't try to get with me
You better off goin to Marley Marl and askin for just one more Symphony
Holla at me dawg, I'll put you on the team and show you [how] to win
And you never know, you might be sittin on chrome again
Just so you know who did this to you, before I go
It's Boogie Man mother-uh-oh
And I am the ghetto
Let's go

[Chorus x 2]

[Boogie Man talking over repeating 'Just You Wait']
I was gonna be easy
But you know, hip-hop
You know how I do
I just couldn't rest man
You did the same song, man
I'll tell you what
We get together, me and you
You bring your fans, I bring mine
We go at it
Me and you, one on one, some hip-hop, ya know?
Only if 'Knots do the beat though
I got 16 for you if you need it, cause you do need it
Get at me

[Chorus x 2]