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Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album:  Strength & Loyalty
Song:   Flow Motion
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Flow Motion
(Wanna ride, wanna ride, wanna with me, you wanna ride with me?)
Flow Motion

[Layzie Bone]
Who's that nigga with a tongue like a double edged sword?
Talkin' out the neck, like we wouldn't push forward
We murdered you niggas and ran circles 'round you niggas
And we looked for competition but there wasn't none for us
Shit got bore, back to the hood where the thugs and the fiends
Sold crack in the hood
Took my money and my troubles and went back to the hood
Niggas wasn't goin out Hollywood not, Bone
We keep it gutter thuggish, ruggish from the nine-nine
I flip my hustle been around the world a couple times
Check the record you can see I'm workin double time
Give 'em something they can feel, when I'm on the grind
Let the gangstas ride in the summer time shine real bright
Did you wanna get down?
Let the top back slow, take a drag of the dro
This is Bone time now, you can burn that now

[Krayzie Bone]
Try to keep it to the rhythm if a nigga really feel like you can handle
I'll make you an example, sample
When I start releasin' lyrics at random
Clear on 'em makin' out just like a phantom, family
See me, get a gun doin a hundred while I'm runnin'
Comin at ya with a sound like thunder, strike like lightnin'
Hit 'em and they wonder where the hell that all them thuggish
Ruggish niggas come from Bone, Bone
Never be another who can fuck with them thug brothers, they
All the same
They talk a lot but never got the balls to play
niggas better not look at all this way, no not this way
Whenever we just listen to the grizzle
Blow the whistle, on the swizzle its official
And we about to get it crackin' in the middle of the action
We got cha in FLOW MOTION

[Wish Bone]

While you fishin' for your pistol put your finger in the middle
I'ma show you how to disrespect 'em, disrespect 'em nigga let 'em loose
Fuck a lawsuit gotta get 'em lay him up
From where we got it spittin' you ain't get it
I spit a rehab, here I right one to the chest to the kneecaps
Im'a keep it raw so you know you better back off
Swizz said get 'em so you know we bout to bite y'all, F this yup yup
See when we roll up, everybody roll up, everybody toast up
Get it twisted nigga pay attention
When ya leave with ya realness and feelings hurt
Shirt full of dirt nigga we work, mission
I'm a thugsta nigga B first
Back again to get it gotta be heard
Had a ammunition but it's over, it's over
Back to the Flow Motion on 'em