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Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album:  Thug Stories
Song:   What You See (Reload)
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[Chorus: Layzie Bone]
What you see is what you get
Them Bone boys raw and we got chips
If y'all act up we load them clips
Put a target on that ass, nigga we don't miss
What you see is what you get
Them Bone boys raw, and we got chips
If y'all act up then we load them clips
Whether rappin or it's guns nigga we do hits

[Krayzie Bone]
Now I'ma show 'em how them Bone Thug niggaz so unique with the flow
When it's time to rock it they gon' know that we got uncut dope
When they get to poppin niggaz try to battle
I let my magnum tag along
cause if a bitch don't watch his tounge he gon' get rattled
And be ashes on the family mantle, nigga can really really dust it
Silly the nigga to even fuck with me
I'm O.G. nigga, Cleveland's finest
But niggaz started to trip cause it was hard to find us
Told them niggaz better lay low, we got the Feds behind us
And we been movin, dippin, tryin to dodge they wires
Decided to stay quiet, let some time expire
Then come back like a riot and reflame the fire
Hangin out the passenger side of my Regal
Aimin at ya mind with a nine when I reload
When the glock is empty then I grab my desert eagle

[Chorus]  2X

[Layzie Bone]
Hey! Hangin out the passenger side of Kray' Regal
Standin on the corner these thugs is my people
Blaze 'em up, shoot 'em up, nigga we don't give a fuck
Raise it up, do it man, Bone boys buck
What you say? "I'm rich bitch!" Small thang to a giant
That's water under the bridge, little Lay' so death defiant
I'm built too raw, I don't respect the law
They got my brother already, they can lick on my balls
All y'all, really ain't ready for what I be bringin to the table
Got to get up, and get it willin and able
Eazy-E in the motherfuckin house tonight
He gave me shoes, I'ma move, I'ma run my life
Nigga bark I'ma bite, don't do it wrong, do it right
Watch a nigga take flight, usin all my might
I'm a A-to-Z nigga, you can't play with me nigga
Whole team got figures, stack it up and count digits nigga

[Chorus]  2X