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Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album:  Thug Stories
Song:   So Sad
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[Chorus: Krayzie Bone]
All these slimy grimy women, birthin children to make a livin
So sad, you're so sad, you're so sad, you're so sad
All these slimy grimy women, whirly women chasin millions
Sad, you're so sad, you're so sad, you're so sad

[Krayzie Bone]
I got a lot of negative problems; I call 'em baby's mommas
There be always drama cause they always callin
Draggin me in and out of the courtroom, man
How much is enough to support you, ma'am?
Got a nigga in the jam I am, sittin in the cell with no bail
But I got cash, man I tell y'all
Women, playin the game birthin children to make a livin
She don't need a 9-to-5 cause she workin the system
Bitches! Grimy, nasty, old wicked-ass bitches
Schemin and tryin to skeez on a real nigga
Hold my baby ransom and tryin to get some advances
But before I give you half Miss, I go to jail and chance it (yeah)
You golddiggin hoes get nothin, nathan, nada
You're lucky if I even holla
It's so sad, it's so sad, it's so sad, it's so sad


[Wish Bone]
Better watch it boy, sneaky bitches, grimy bitches
Down for takin, stickin all these bitches nigga listen
Hoes'll get you fucked up, some of 'em like to cut shit
Some of 'em think they smart, I'm knockin
Bitches have you locked up, and it's fucked up
Shit, we gotta have that ass, and it's no love
Mamis just be at that stash, tryin to get me
Pop one in and now she got my ass for 18, she got my cash
Now the people in my buisness, gotta pay up (pay up)
Or it's on, I'm gone, while the slut lays up
But naw, naw dawg, I can't see myself bein broke
or trippin 'bout no broad, dawg (hell naw)
If in fact, if it's mine give it back
One-two-three-fo', baby daddy's past mistakes
Gotta pay for that share, I'm 'bout the garbage-ass kids
Let me catch another nigga, leave that bitch!


[Layzie Bone]
See I was brought up on the side of the tracks
with the roaches and the rats
Brats, big grimy bitches approaches niggaz with the gats
Out to rob ya, out to get ya, nigga livin is a gamble
Bitches settin niggaz up, with their baby mama scandal
Women these days worse than fiends in the 80's
Tryin to collect all the welfare, havin about ten babies
Shady, shiesty women, they might like me
See a nigga with money and they think they might try me (I doubt it)
Keep it movin baby, I'm the one that keep it player
No matter how you fix your hair or how you shake your derriere
I won't fuck it, trained not to love it
She won't cut into my budget with kids playin the puppets
It's a goddamn shame, America the great
Give a nigga a case because my pockets ain't straight
Look nigga, if you can't take care of your kids
Cause these set-up grimy bitches tryin to use them to live, nigga

[Chorus]  2X