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Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony f/ Flesh-N-Bone
Album:  Into the Future 12" *
Song:   Into the Future 
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* originally slated for "Strength & Loyalty"


And hear that raw shit, we blow these motherfuckers
and never obeyed the law bitch
Ever get noticed all you other niggaz are frogs
got skeletons in your closet
Wanna be blowed away wit a gauge
I be rotten 'til pieces they shattered
Niggaz they scattered they testin like bullets they gather up
How many murdered? Don't matter
In this rap shit, you got to come with it
can't fake the funk at all
And bet you're gon' fall studyin the Bone Thug style
but what'cha gon' do when you face to face with the 5th Dog?
Sneakin federals get wet I'ma predator to reap
No mercy those sleep where my niggaz creep
And remember they +Crept and They Came+ with Eazy
Can't calm me down, give me a pound smoke and a bong
Just too damn greedy see these
Wanna be these G's just cause of our thug mentality
It'll be casualties, face that gorilla with a nigga torqued at you
Niggaz who slippin I'm comin to get you
Die they flat on their backs, collapsed perhaps
You shoulda knew when you came through
you fucked with a nigga too deadly
Haters all try to come fuck with the gust
well wanna test these nuts G you ain't ready
But do what'chu gotta do, rob you fools
I'll toast to the Grim Reap' soon
Nigga motherfuck 'em don't trust 'em
I'll buck 'em in the gut and shoot you too

[Chorus 2X: Krayzie Bone]
Now you can hate us all day
We ain't leavin no way, we changed the whole game
We brought you into the futurrrrre, from the 9-9
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon

[Layzie Bone]
Well it's the niggaz, the niggaz
the killas that's raised 'round sin
Niggaz they try to contend but know they can't win
when I'm breakin Flesh up outta the pen
Gimme the Henn' and gimme the gin
Ready to put in my work again
Nigga better watch it you got it
I'm poppin quick for the dividends
I'm in it to win it, the rest of these rappers 
they shit is on pause, got too many flaws
These niggaz is soft, they lyrics is false
the reason I'm comin to break 'em off
Gotta get mine so I'm takin yours
Wishin they never did open the door
I'm kickin it through, bitch get on the floor
Knowin they never gon' talk no more, hoes
Original niggaz, that's right
We always been down for the murda mayne (mayne mayne mayne)
I'ma come back to serve the game
break 'em on down and hurt 'em mayne (mayne mayne mayne)
I never give no mercy, mercy
After 35 million still thirsty, thirsty


[Krayzie Bone]
Now y'all know niggaz been here 
ever since we was runnin around with Eazy-E
They was like, "Who was these little niggaz
talkin all of that shit from the Cleveland streets?"
They ain't nothin like these and we never had beef
cause we was a different kind of breed
Beef with a nigga you bleed, fuckin with Bone
Been blowin some weed and singin my song, hoe (hoe)
My nigga that's Krayzie, Layzie, Wish, Flesh
Wanna bet we the all time best?
The force of the rhythm we give 'em 
is similar to a sawed-off pump hittin your chest
Rippin your vest, listen to that
You know when we comin for trouble
Cause we got 'em barrels that's runnin up on you
ain't none of you ready for murder to bubble
I'ma pump and still I defeated them all
They was all schemin, thinkin we'd fall
Then all of a sudden we got up and balled again
Now you can't witness the hearts of men
The game was down to help it survive
we blew through like fresh oxygen
And I got my 9-millimeter cocked again
You thug niggaz is not my friend


[Wish Bone]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
When we crept wasn't nothin like this
Had to be different so we came with a twist
Straight from the streets where the niggaz get rich
Better find a pattern 'til you see who it is
Livin is hard, make soldier grow
and see what it is, take over (take over)
Who knew the Thugs true?
We bring it through for the 2-1-6, we in this!
Put it down make you feel this
We don't fuck around, Thugs get down
Nigga ask around, from the center we flip
Thuggstas equipped, prepared to make any niggaz wig split
Lawyers on our payroll, so I never stay long
Back out, lay low, no ain't go so I stay gone
Thuggin it down to the law they at me
Lookin at a thug keepin it raw I got you
Fuckin with me wrong one, look what happened
Thuggstas got it, Thuggstas got it
We on the same thang, make change, make change
Repay if you gotta do your thing
Better him than me, okay
It's like that around my way (my way)
Better hit than dead they say (they say)
You don't want to see that grave (that grave)
So watch your back while you on that grind
Move forward, no rewind - watch niggaz all the time
Cause they want your spot
They want your spot, nigga fuck that! (that)