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Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony f/ 2Pac & Sylk-E-Fyne
Album:  Lost Archives Vol. 1
Song:   Thug Luv (Original Version)
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[Intro: 2Pac]
Remy and drink nigga
Thug Luv (Thug Luv bitch!) nigga what time is it?
We my nigga set!
I don't give a fuck where you lay at nigga
It's time to slay these bitch made (Where my thugs at?) niggaz
They ain't even knowing what type of niggaz we is
Thug Life (Where my thugs at?) baby!
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
I know you niggaz been waiting (Where my thugs at?) for this for a long time
Well here it is nigga, here it is (Where my thugs at?)
What you gone do with this shit?

[Verse 1: Bizzy Bone]
Well look at the thug that my momma gave up on Karma
And labeled me worthless
Stroll through the city at 14 dirtless, put in my work and alert the service (Tell 'em)
Who, could have knew it, Lil' Pac will gain the regain of the World (Whorld)
Should I be riding Ruthless, well I better pull my pistol and pearl (Freeze nigga)
So they analyze my tail
Been treated by psychologically since age 12 or whatever, can I get bail?
Or will I motherfuck myself? (Myself)
Well I'm off to The Land with a hand full of balls, that's all
Just some of my dogs, Mo! Thuggin' thuggin' (Thug)
Ready to maul on y'all with a forty-five (Bone)
Y'all fall and don't you calls them laws
Remember my name (Fuck the cops) and that's not all
Whenever you want some call (Whoa), and I'll be prepared to haul y'all off
Nigga dash, stretch that ass, roll up your up yo' ass and punch it then flash
Got a guage, when I catch 'em chillin' let's go
Kill his ass, kill his ass, kill his ass

[Interlude: 2Pac]
Ha ha ha what's poppin' nigga? (Yeah)
Put your motherfuckin' hand on your strap nigga (Thug luv nigga)
Hell yeah, we can do this like gangstas and slug it out (Thug luv)
Or we can do this like punks and punk it out
Pull your strap on me (Thug luv) nigga and you better kill me
Thug Life baby
(Thug luv)

[Verse 2: 2Pac]
I'll probably be punished for hard living, blind to the facts
Thugs is convicts in Gods prison, hands on the strap
Praying to father please forgive me, police be rushing when they see me
I flaunt it, America's most wanted, live on TV life
Pleasure and pain, stuck in this game, holler my name
We all gone die, we bleed through similar veins
Please explain to me now, don't panic when my Guns burst
You heard the last jam nigga, this ones worse
My nigga Bone held the chrome till I came home
Thug Luv player tell these, bitch ass niggaz bring it on
I caught a plane out to Cleveland late last evening
To help my niggaz clean up some niggaz no longer breathing now
Who you believe in?
Hit the weed and breathe
It's a cold ass world, niggaz, kill you in your sleep
Watch me
Until they stop me, bury, murder me or drop me
I got thug luv for my nationwide posse feel me

[Verse 3: Sylk-E-Fyne]
Thug bitch like Sylk-E catch ya slippin'
Soon as you, get to trippin'
South Central bumping motherfucker's
Bloodin' and Crippin'
Little Ripstress, so let me kick it
I'm tired of hearing that fake shhh
I roll with real bitches, thugsters and pimps
Gotta repent, heaven sent, since I was a small girl
Ask the Lord to save my soul from this cold ass world
Life unfolds, I unload to keep my sanity
I guess it's just the B-I-T-C-H in me

[Verse 4: Bizzy Bone]
Armageddon lord you know
That I won't fly that lesson you taught me
To pull out my Wesson you brought me
And am I stressing it softly, get 'em up off me cause all we
Wanted was harmony been bombing 'em yell up outta my ghetto
I want settle get on my level y'all can't
Stop me or pop me nigga they got me fuck no
Little Pac get schizophrenic and manage to damage all y'all
And all
I'll talk about 'em and you don't really want it
Cause they're cornered and I want 'em to jump up
I'd rather say that we came to shut 'em all down
So quick to test bullet yes declare war
Roll and I'll blow when I get the gun for the murder mo' horror
For what the did it all pause for the cause and I
Fin to pull a nine and pistol whip a nigga with mine
Fuck them niggaz it's on
All y'all thug nigga bitches test me bless the floor
In any attempt to arrest me, stress me lord
I'm looking at death with the last of my breath
Follow follow my ki's and dope feinds on my step
Yet the weapon is kept with the best of my secrets
Deep in the leaves I'm alone nigga believe
That I can see it if needed an if you really want me in
Well let it be and get the greens and be running up over Cleveland
Alive like me, Alive like me, Alive like me, Alive like me
Alive like me, Alive like me, Alive like me