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Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony f/ Majesty
Album:  The Art of War
Song:   Ready for War
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Ridin with death

We niggas rappin but still we actin like criminals

Ridin with death
We niggas rappin but still we actin like criminals

My nigga now Majesty these niggas is after me murder redrum redrum redrum
My nigga now Majesty these niggas is after me murder redrum redrum redrum

You niggas better expect retaliation feel the playa hation 
Yeah you the next to get dropped I don't hide the glock
Real niggas don't stop pop pop 
put him in the mud nigga and your body rot
Top closing down on your caskets 
wanna make these bastards think we got mercy
Putting in work since a nigga thirteen 
Sending niggas like yourself off in a hearse
See I won't hesitate to kill you wanna fill you with a couple of my slugs 
Fucking with my thugs and I'm needing my love nigga what
Bone niggas fin to do a little damage 
take over the planet with my daily tortures
Of course it's the nigga that's takin no shorts 
Smokin on the newports your ghetto resource
And bitch you wanna dig your own ditch 
and hit you with levels beyond your control
My momma never raised no punks and hoes 
Just relear niggas comin up snatchin souls for dough 
I know y'all motherfuckers out there somewhere ain't nowhere to hide
Makin motherfuckers feel the vibe for life
In the midst of the twist I'll be down to ride 

We're ready for war

Ridin with death

We niggas rappin but still we actin like criminals

I'ma relent and furiated that you hated and pap pap can't fade it
We stay heavily sedated comin now back up my buck get shaken
Deeply dreaming about this demon my daddy told me it was comin
Trapped in the form of a bad omen it's wicked it was written I'll be
Runnin while turnin around and blastin back to buck 'em fuck 'em
Them fools come back like I'm ready for war is that all you got
Heard the mack was talkin this and that bout some of my incidents
Said I smoke and snatchin purses you heard this lil EZ told me
Bitch clonin little EZ's niggas so fuck you you weren't original
Mono y mono ain't no subliminal Hey
When I regime in fatigues we ready to bleed even when they sleepin
Catch me caught me must have seen
And they're gonna get your ass next weekend

[chorus 2x]

My mental seduction run your whole sound suction abduction of lyrics
Is the loss of life love and spirits
Capital offense for generics lost in the prison 
Lieutenants overseeing the barracks checkin in
Mark ass copy cat incoherance is crucial
Smokin "Hay" with +Conflicts+ that bite shit like microchips
I watch you ride the "Rodeo" straight to the bottom 
When you're fate rotten, bitch, when I spot 'em I'ma drop 'em

Surrounded bby violence my nigga I'm bound to just live a lifetime
And this shrink wanna get inmy head cause I'm amongst the walking dead
All I really said if you niggas don't fled you gone bleed bloody red
Nigga shoot the spot and got ghosts fuckin with the mastermind of all time
Letting niggas know we off in our prime
It'll be that way to ninety-ninety-nine
Criminal-minded niggas been blinded
Looking for a style like Bone but can't see me
Just like mike everybody wanna be me
Study every movie nigga makin on tv
Easy does it do it easy what it is number one better check the score
Here we go nigga don't wanna fight no more
But I'm ready for you hoes and that's for sure

When the ghetto needs me I'll be grippin to the scripture picture 
Little Ripsta can I get critical 
And I'm seldom seen in the henessey when I ride up on my enemies
Zero one of my heroes Jesus blessed me to be lethal
With my automatic let you have it you don't wanna see any evil
Motherfuckers I'll take it to the people 
then I will meet you at the funeral
Get 'em up Bizzy Mafiaso no witness is the usual
Further mo murder mo ready with guns I'll serve you hoes
When they call niggas hit the road 
And when they get killed I'ma get your soul

You thinkin I'm slippin with niggas that itchin to rob me 
Yes they want to give me bloody body 
By pumping a couple of slugs inside me
But I'll be damned we won if it comes to guns and I'm 
Stacking them thangs so you gets none statics automatic fun
Want some come come come execution redrum rum 
See what you see in my eyes murder murder death defied
Burnt alive fried when they die 
No one was able to find them cause they're bodies went up in a fire 
Fuck they family try to creep 
but you think I'm asleep cause I'm pumpin beats
Nigga better believe we keep much heat up under my seat yeah
Shoot 'em up quick in a minute and within a minute 
You already suckas I bet that you bent it we sent it
We'll atest  for the murder we should we dealt it
You thought you was flippin but got K.O.D'd
Ring-a-ling-a-ling get that ass up outta there
The undisputed thugs in harmony proved it
Kicked a couple of niggas asses 
Gotta take off and stay still blastin
Locked in the state penatentiary but dog that ain't shit
Better make your money baby and pick up a couple of guns on the side
So when you ride and you get high don't let them haters run up your side