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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Dragonfly
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   What's Going On
Typed by: pneumatic

Yeah, This feels good man, Hell yeah
He was an unwanted child born inside the winter
December twenty-first, Gift wrapped to be a sinner
Life had felt fronted, And love was so wanted
The only substitute was stolen toys that he wanted
And nothing seemed to matter, Not even his self
He got in fights for attention reputation's not to mention
Seen an anger motivation, Aimed at the world
He's just a criminal minded thief's version of a pearl
Then something came along that was highly unexpected
A future with two people who's love never neglected
The time and the space and a place to call home
Ayo King, Lets do the hook so I can leave this alone

[Chorus 4X: Bolo Gah]
Just tell em what's going on with your life Dragonfly
Tell em why in the song, Tell em what's going on

He was next a young man with a lust for cash
Had women and drugs and plans that moved fast
He hustled for a minute, Remained undefeated
Seem it wasted his time, He used to take the shit he needed
Even got a nine to five to keep his conscience alive
That's when he, He meet a man gave him reason to strive
Introduced him to the nation of the five percent
And like an overnight package he was sent intelligence
Start reading bout self, Who's the original man
All the distance from the planets, How the mind expands
I mean damn, We had Parliaments, Meetings of great minds
That's when he took it back to Build, Teach, And Refine
Then before he knew it he was coming of age
Wanna know what happens next, Then turn the next page


It started off a coal mine, Several diamonds in the ruff
A collage of emcees who studied life through degrees
Just live'n out a dream with a theme of what makes
Make'n music in a room with Marshall movies and breaks
It had centrifugal force, And of course they had each other
The heart breaks aches when they lost they first brother
Cause he was the glue that stuck everything together
Then things fell apart, The foolish became the smart
And some left the art while others made the choice
To remember the God and still preserving his voice
Until this day I blow kisses at the house
Rest in peace Father Lord cause we still wanna 'cord