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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Amy Renee, Begga Ooh, Jim Kelly
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Two Things
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Begga Ooh]
Two things, Begga Ooh, Jim Kelly, Amy Renee, Yeah

[Jim Kelly]
I don't snatch bitches, Let em peep and make they mind up
Before a nigga know tell em all shut up and line up
Before my time up, I blaze a little more before I cruise
Quick with the ones and twos, Put a hole proofs
Parts again and good tunes have'n whole crews confused
Got water for the fuse cause I'm still not amused
Rub shoulders with the illest cause I come across the chillest
So call Mr. Spirit 'til a nigga got to feel it
Idolize, I personify and personalize
Blow haze through the crack in your eyes like you supised

[Begga Ooh]
Hard to see, Hard to find
Plus I'm exposed to hard shit that mingles with time
Old man beggin quarters but he happy with dimes
All felon not tellin when it happens to crime
Lemon fruit twist the lime, Hangin on cup's lip
Ten dollars to elastic, Watchin broads as they strip
I'm focused, On a ship cruise line'n, Palm trees
Black sand, Clear water, Green tea calms me
Launch me, I blast off, Full price or half off
Sun room for half loft, Bubble bath, Ass lost
Last job, Last boss, Now I'm independent
Not a rent tenant, Daddy's one dependent

[Hook: Amy Renee w/ Begga Ooh ad-libs]
I am aware, Of myself, And my presence
I'm everywhere, From the past, To the present
I'm so exposed to what comes and goes and what goes around me
Two things, Them or you, Just be you and don't cross the boundries
Two things, Them or you, Just be you and don't cross the boundries

[Jim Kelly]
From the H Plus lush done yo, Hot phalum
And speakin of the jimmy women run just to grab him
I had dreams of niggas havin guns and me skate'n
And wake up heart beatin and my nerves still ache'n
Niggas gettin dumped off and my heart is still ache'n
And close to the heated, Not my way dig
About a year and a half ago I buried my kid
Not a nigga gave a fuck or even ask how I'm is
Now I'm back even stronger with a temper that's fuck
So fuck you and your persona and your style cause it suck
You don't walk hot blocks past midnight and such
Or even made it in the house and thinkin it's luck
But it's alright, Daddy let the reality touch
It's alright let reality touch, Come on

[Jim Kelly and Begga Ooh ad-libs]