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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Jim Kelly
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Takin' Life Serious
Typed by: pneumatic

[Jim Kelly]
Side giggle'n, A million plus, Dick out wiggle'n
Screamin fuck the world with the bull horn drunk
Skills like my breath and my ass all funk
I be brains with the microphone
Damage uns.. ohh, Yeah that shit was tigh, It was tight
I treat rap like a pretty young virgin from the hill
Side giggle'n, A million plus, Dick out wiggle'n
Screamin fuck the world with the bull horn drunk
Skills like my breath and my ass all funk
I be brains with the microphone, Damage unseen
Was so clean while you tangerine dream and my team
Rambunctious, Luscious so luscious, Strapped what
Switch it up and bring it on through like Sham God
Half cocked, Niggas can't fathom who I am huh
Want my foot dead in your ass till it jam huh
Forty pound advantage like God don't expand huh
Prep me a body like I look for a bear
I coordinate subordinate, Lookin for a hoe to take
The more I make the more I pull em out the hoes await
Obnoxious cynical path through my pinnacle
It make you keep movin cause the path is so simple

[Interlude: Jim Kelly during scratched sample]
Yeah it gotta be like that sometimes, Youknowhatimsayin
There's a lot of bullshit out here man
I gotta automatic bullshit separator hooked up to one lung son
That's where I'm goin man, I'm not spittin none of that shit
Holla at some of the pimps man, Tell it
Matter fact why don't you holla if you hear me man
Let me tell you somethin real about yourself son
Hey man that's what it be man, It is what it is
Fuck that, Ohh yeah ohh yeah ohh yeah
I gotta give a shout, Give a shout to...

[Jim Kelly]
I was told to talk about people to they face, Only pull em up
People tellin what they hear cause they fuckin wit me tuff
Hands shake'n, When I shouldn't even be surprised
Same nigga when we ran back, Back in eighty-five
No jive, All my real niggas feelin my thanks
God keep it real with me, But many man can't
I don't look for motherfuckers to confide in pain
I want niggas like my right arm and half my brain
Walk with me through the wilderness, A back streets safari
Shake bones, Big guns, Weed clouds in your lobby
What, Raise em up and make the whole floor salami
Like a way of life a niggas thought this shit was a hobby
Niggas had the warriorís song, Let me hear it
Before the fifty-fifty get to fuckin up my spirit
All that bullshit, Challenge'n the right in exact
When I speak generations are held on my back
I let peoples dig they own holes, Ohh fuck no though
The fuck you think I look like, A clown named Bobo
Punch drunk off Hell songs sober me up
Let me blow a pound of tree in the cut, So what's up

[Scratched sample w/ Jim Kelly ad-libs]

[Jim Kelly]
Like the Power-iano, I'm ghetto to the core with impervious mantle
God-like like free throws, Grab hands of pupils
From slow destruction for immortalize'n peoples
An artist in my own right, A one man Genesis
A child of a Begga, Now the treasure path limitless
Power of my touch stronger then the death clutch
To the A&R's, Yeah thank fuck you very much
These blocks carry loads of expiring dreams
While drugs divide families to three or four teams
We call the cops pretty boys cause they always dress clean
All nighters like myself flick beams to the fiends
Lookin at each other crazy when a dollar gets made
Being rich rape'n blocks niggas bodies get sprayed
For saying I have a dream Uncle's body decaying
For my daughter I'ma work hard to show her other ways, So come on

[Outro: Jim Kelly during scratched sample]
Hey man I thank ya man, That's some real shit man
You spittin that shit man
Hey man we need more niggas out here like you man, Youknowhatimsayin
These niggas be switchin up an all that funny shit
Man it's about the children you know
These grown ass niggas they still acting like babies
Man I don't get it, But hey man, You-you man you just keep it safe man
Yeah, On that level, Hey man what's your name again