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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Begga Ooh
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Say You Love Me
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Begga Ooh]
Uh huh, Yeah, It's my view, My point of
You know, Haha, What I meant to say was point of view
Bolo Gah, Right there, But it's cool
Straight from Bolo's Kitchen, Yeah, Begga Ooh
Bout to show you, Uhh

[Begga Ooh]
I could run the whole industry, It aint for kids
Bout to make a come back for D.C. like Gibbs
From the crib to the speaker, Street scholar speaker
And dress shoes can't make you jump like the sneaker
Expensive not cheaper, I'm high price, High post
Love the bucket four's, Can't afford hot toast
Used to ride em on the spokes, Handle bars curved up
I used to tote a little smoke but damn Boo hold up
Hallucinations, You got rap boy, Time is waste'n
Rememberin Tootie he'll say nigga stop fake'n
My Stepfather Nathan says, Get a career
But I'm here to own shit like Guru and Premier
And I'm here to bone shit so I carry the life style
You haters are mad so I grin with a light smile

[Interlude: Begga Ooh during scratched sample]
Yeah, It's ture though right, Haha
Life is right here in front of you
So if I'm speakin real things to real people, Haha
Acknowledge Begga Ooh and Bolo Gah, You know you love us
Haha, You gotta love us, It's real hip hop
We aint goin nowhere

[Begga Ooh]
I started age eight, Now my daughter is eight
She's into mp3's I was into the tapes
I wore knit three leaves they wear jeans that can't breathe
All the girls dyked out, Hair short and can't weave
If you can't fight, Get a swole to your eye
At least that's how it was now a gun makes you die
No more fun now we lookin out, Girlfriend's hookin out
Niggas on the corner wrong looks took em out
Big King's cookin out, Chicken grilled on the flames
Barbeque attracts folks too, You don't know the name
You look up, (Is it a plane) Or a missile for the building
Don't mind the grown-up's but I feels for the children

[Outro: Begga Ooh during scratched sample]
Throwback jersey, I just threw you back in time
You know, Yeah, That's alright
You goin through a lot but, Hip hop is here forever yall
That's right, Rest in peace Tootie, We love you
Father Lord, Wu Chi, Barry White, Youknowhatimsayin
Yeah, All the inspirations, Through the tunnel of time yall
Bolo Gah, Bolo's Kitchen, Black Lotus
Black Thought Entertainment, Hidden Aspects
Long Fellow, Yeah, Uh huh, Begga Ooh, I'm through