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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Begga Ooh, Jim Kelly
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Open Eyes
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Jim Kelly]
You know everywhere I go, You know
It's like people ask that same question
What's that, Why is he that way
How does he do those things he do
You know that question why, Word
you know sometimes it how the street make a brother, You know
It's real God, They keep those questions just come'n
Youknowhatimsayin, It's real, It gotta be that way here we go
And you don't stop, Up town, And you don't quit
South Side, Keeping that real shit
Lets say peace to the Gods help the real hit

[Jim Kelly]
My nerves got the feeling that my heart don't bleed no more
Open arms catching dreams of life for the living
Realism, My religion where the howlin winds speak
Tickle ear lobes of hoes and stay thug on the street
From the glass riddled side walks to roofs that collapse
To the elevated plains that you read on the maps
I see the look on they face, Did you see him, You see that
Spit transparent words from a state that's pitch black
Why that, Different stages had keys to the cages
Unlock the hind sight, Extended moons, It never ages
Slide amazing placement, No containment, The truth
Pass it on and give it out like dimes that's loose
You get to squeeze then toss away, Like a rapper with juice
My fel-ware aint deuce, You should call the shit truce
But right back, They start slingin tall cat like Dr. Seuss
Make'n peoples palms sweat, The song hot and don't juice

[Chorus 2X: Unknown Singer, ad-libs by Begga Ooh]
Can you hear me, Open your ears up and listen
I'll tell you something, Keeping the tradition
My eyes are open, I see what I see
I do what I do, I'm gonna stay me

[Jim Kelly]
See Austin was powerful, Truth was unstoppable
Unlawful, Your Limitations limit is me
Loud and indignant, Multi-digit is me
Placing judgment on judges cause the culture is free
Understand it like contacts, The blind now see man
Allah don't perish, No R.I.P
Many stars I see, Like I walk the red carpet
They don't shine like me son, A whole different department
Wearin bullet proof shades, Bendin texture of light
All the things I wanna say fade from day into night
Like a hero again, The cardiac Subzero get dinero like Di Nero
Plus the lyrics tear more so hear more
I'm getting sucked like she couldn't care more
While she throughing all the dough on the floor, Ready to share more
Fuck the people with the bubble gun lifes, They pretty boys
Night life is how I take flight to new heights
Nearly Noid, Nah, Not since an itch on my palm
But destiny to surpass the illest shit that you saw