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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Begga Ooh, Dragonfly
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat, & Years
Song:   Nothing
Typed by: pneumatic

[Begga Ooh]
Switch the lanes, Hit the blinker to the right
I got flyers and promos, Gotta show tonight
Gotta glow this night, No dim sunlight
Gotta bitch, Gotta inch, Make sure you run right
Airbrush tight, Bit of glitter on the fingertips
Rings on my finger tips, On my hip platinum clips
A ruger in the holster pearl coated with screws
In a jade colored belt make'n twins with my shoes
On my tee shirt, A picture of a Shaw Brothers flick
More gangsta then that no life that hangs on your strip
Throw up signs like a Crip but it's a form of technique
I'm a weapon with the brain that got you and your tech beat
Ooh with the fresh beat, Just payed, Fresh feet
And that broad that you with I just laid last week

[Chorus 2X: Begga Ooh]
There's nothing, (That I get when I write)
There's nothing, (Nothing like the sound that I hear from a mic)
There's nothing, (Nothing like a song that's ass hole tight)
There's nothing-nothing-nothing

I represent the riches, The rags, The rhymes, The pads
Pizzazz that it takes, Know to resurrect a fad
You mad, I add, Vision to a verse
Like some problems in half like I come first
So while you home serve'n dinner, I'll be serve'n fiends
You be loadin clips, I carry magazines
Never take it personal, This is irreversible
The sun is my persona, Lets pause, Here come my comet
If you murder emcees but you deny you a killer
I'm that same death trap they planted on J Reala
A nine millimeter with a cord attached
Take'n lines off a record like an album when it scratched
A match, Believe it, Hear it, Look and see it
A song after this man I wouldn't wanna be it