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Artist: Bolo Gah
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat, & Years
Song:   Freestyle Interlude
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Bolo Gah]
Lets do this baby, One time and one time only live from Hell
A soul piece nigga, U.P.T., Literally

[Bolo Gah]
I get chills up and down my spine I need to unwind
I'm speakin-sneekin silence through the late night grind
My mind ramble'n, Full time stress and straight gamble'n
With freedom everyday on these bricks, But I be handle'n
That Governmental foot on my neck
These fickle niggas with they lack of respect
Nickel slick holes in P.O.'s
Stupid ass hits, Somebody tell me what it's all about
I'm fresh out the feds, You come to me and got your head out
Listen, I aint kissin no ass, Reminiscin bout the past
Or breakin you off a blast till check date
So I say do what you feel and keep hate'n
Be poppin all that ultra slick shit, But I'll be waitin
In the cut just to best a lead nut, Up in your pussy ass gut
It's still poppin with that up town strut, What
It's simple mathematics for really
I bundle Billy, Lay a chilly in the fully conversion
And steady serve'n fiends, Stackin for that house and that Burbun
I'm serious bout keepin my shit together forever, And I'ma stay out
No Sister-Brother-Father, My Mother be on some other
But I'm hope'n she discover I love her, (And that's a true fear)
So peace to all my niggas from Walla-Walla to school kills
They stay sucker free and be what you be, This shit is that real
And I'll be make'n sure that rat know how the gat feel
Then hit em with a permanent sleep pill, So lay chill
When I got we got, Understand and understood
All bottles to the sky, Represent your neighborhood
Love'n all my peoples that's gone but never forgotten
I wish yall would spoil if it's rotten the way they be plottin
M-O-N-E-Y me, Why not
About to take the game winning shot, And play this new spot
I need that outta town dollar, I got that plop-plop-fizz-fizz water
Callin it like it T.I. fucking is, Straight for the U.P.T. nigga, What