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Artist: Bolo Gah f/ Jim Kelly
Album:  Bolo's Kitchen: Blood, Sweat & Years
Song:   Fasten Them Buttons
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Jim Kelly]
Fathom, King C, Begga Ooh, Long Axe, Dragonfly
Come on, Come on, High side

[Jim Kelly]
Yo reality couldn't look sicker, I
Pull out the paint brush quick to paint another picture
My hills inescapable, My flows insatiable
I don't trust broads, Oh well there go my stable
The fairy tale life never captivated me
I seen people live they life the way it shouldn't even be
All I wants enough dough to lay low and maintain
But then stress seems to rot at my brain at close range
Got to thank the old Earth cause realities raw
We tryna hold ourselves together like tits in a bra
Bust shots till I fall like cleavage or Zenith
Get high freak with, With beatnicks to sequence
Lace mics with a half knot, Drug spot, Stolen cars
Brother raise'n children leavin wifey in charge
Even though it might kill me, The work aint hard
You talk struggle God, Here's my card, Just call
Motivation dies out, Till I stop and cried out
Lie it out then get it back, That's what I'm all about
With the wind at my back, Sun heatin up my heart
Turn the hideous scenes into works of art, Come on

[Chorus 2X: Jim Kelly]
Push them baggies, Eat like a glutton
Strap them boots up, Fasten them buttons
He'll keep comin home boy that's nothin
Beat that devil like you beatin percussion

[Jim Kelly]
People look and talkin shit when I don't give a fuck
Bein black and iced out like hockey pucks, Nah
Cause I've learned like sluts with perms
Instead of gettin high all spring's the main concern
Niggas want what they taught as American dream
Even with a hundred million they don't want you on they team
And the niggas that you grew with comin on some new shit
Leanin on your hands out, Niggas that you knew split
Everybody actin like they limbs built backwards
Make a thousand dollars now they switch up tactics
Forgettin all the people held it down when you downed them
Browns for fathom, To call your ass clown
Those hoes fuck the ugliest niggas with cake
And try to trap the workin man when they belly ache, Nah
Better get off your ass and make your own cash
Like tight jeans and trickin be your only ghetto pass

[Chorus 5X]